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7/27/2012 c8 Lexy
Oh good lord , I've been re-watching the seasons and i'm currently at Season 2 Episode 7 and am dreading the end of season 2 " All Hell Breaks Loose " parts 1 and 2 because I know after all this time of watchin the show that I have become rediculously attatched to "the boys" and that I'll be sobbing my eyes out and have to do my inhaler just to be able to breathe because Sam dies and I'll be damned if Jensen Ackles isn't such a great actor that I wanted to ( even though it's physically impossible because of the massive size difference between us ) scoop up Dean like he was a little kid again and just hold him tight after of course making a horrible and tortureous end for the bastard that stabbed Sam and then hell I'll make the deal to bring Sam back , I don't care it's not fair that after all the hell they've been through Sam gets stabbed and dies and then everything that came after
7/27/2012 c1 Lexy
Aww Sammy ,so adorable * picks up Sammy and huggles him* .
9/30/2008 c8 85skag trendy
Ya know, whenever I watch that episode - and believe me when I say I must've seen it a hundred times by now - it never fails to break my heart, even knowing that Sam's coming back.

You captured this one well. Nice perspective here my darling.

Kind regards,

9/30/2008 c7 skag trendy
Yeah, I thinks that's pretty close to how Sam felt at the beginning of S1 right up 'til S2. So great work here hon.

Kind regards,

9/30/2008 c6 skag trendy
Ah yes...the Turtles. Loved them when I was in high school. Cool stuff. And the track of course...

'In a half shell, they're the heroes four,

In this day and age who could ask for more?

The crime rate was high and the muggings mysterious,

all police and detectives are curious,

'cos they can't find the source,

of this lethally evil force...'

Oh god please don't tell me I'm the only one out there that vaguely remembers that little ditty? (Not even sure I quoted it right. I used to know it off by heart, but it's been so long!)

Great stuff here once again my darlin'!

Kind regards,

9/30/2008 c5 skag trendy
Sorry I've taken so long; only got back from holidays on Saturday night.

Loved this. Explains so much about the Winchester family dynamic.

Kind regards,

9/28/2008 c8 21Emeline Pigott

i give up. so this will eternally be noted in my clander as the day that i cried all day...cause you broke my heart with a handful of fics.

so much amazingness i dont know where to start


Dean grabbed his brother close, felt the heat and life beat beneath his hands as Dean held him, everything was right again...he could feel it.

and here.

Dean nodded, although strained. "Yeah...but you know i'd do anything for ya' Sammy...nothing bad will happen to you...again, anyway"

you are so many kinds of brillant, im just waiting for monsieur kripke to abduct you, and take you away to write on SN!

::reaches for tissues::

you were most certianlly not wrong when ya said this one would make me cy...im a blubbering mess.

and again, you did wicked perfect with the song!

still has me crying!

okay, and im gonna stop gusing before i turn into stalker!courts
9/28/2008 c8 88darksupernatural
Loved this. I was hoping on this little trip down memory lane that you'd do "the scene". I know when I did one it was hell. Like reliving it again in my head. You know our heads make things worse. LOL. Great work and love the emo song that went behind it. They go really perfectly together.
9/28/2008 c7 21Emeline Pigott
plans oh...

::hugs you and won;t let go::

this was so fantasticly sweet and amazing, and o you are just too good. and you've inspired a one shot for me, me thinks...

Sam couldn't live without knowing...he couldnt live on blind faith like Dean would.

for the motherfucking win
9/28/2008 c7 88darksupernatural
Loved that.It's so good to see you writing again.
9/28/2008 c6 21Emeline Pigott
color me a teary mush of...um tears.

again, you've broken my heart.

poor sam n dean...

Hope wasn't a value to belive in for the Winchesters, it never turned out well.

a couple more fics like this and i'll be out of tissues!

you had me in tears from the beginning to the end to...yep, still all teary. it was awesome as per ususal!

and damn, you pick songs that just work perfectly! EK needs to hire you, and we can sap the boys up a bit lol.
9/28/2008 c6 88darksupernatural
Hey.I love the turtles. Hehe! Can't believe you went there. Love the angst and the brother moment at the end rocks.
9/28/2008 c5 21Emeline Pigott

well, its officiial, i've just burned through my box of tissues cortes of this fic (andn maybe my cold a little bit) but ::cries::

maybe im a sap, but it completely broke my heart.

But John couldn't face that with the same loving innoccence anymore, and so he became the hard soldier, the Marine, the boss...and the heartache got that much more bearable.

poor john, and sam, and dean...and the ring! aw the ring, that made me cry.

and the lyrics? the lyrics were just perfect. i want, no scratch that i NEED this song now!

oh damn, this was just brillant hun...so no, you';re not a sap, just a wicked awesom writer.
9/28/2008 c5 88darksupernatural
Love the emotion here girl. The leather bracelet is the coolest part. Thanks for the enjoyable read.
9/9/2008 c4 37Merisha
Heya Supernaturalsammy67 ;0)

Sorry, I've been so behind with my reading and I only caught up with your story now ... I read all 4 chapters and I loved it! Keep up the fantabulous work, I love the angst and owies.

Hugs and luv

Mish ;0) x
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