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8/31/2008 c4 10Yuuki-Neechan
aw that was sweet, i've always wanted to read a story about them coming to see sam at school. aaw, its brought a tear to my eyes, KAWAII. :) :D ^.^

keep writing,

laters x
8/17/2008 c4 85skag trendy
You got a C at A level? Don't worry mate! I walked away with two Es and an N for narrow margin.

I still got into Uni and I did better than some of the straight A kids. A levels are not the academic judge everyone thinks they are.

Tell ya Dad to fu*ck off and get a life, instead of trying to ruin yours. I hate parents that take their own failures and insecurities out on their kids! Don't let the useless ba*stard drag you down with him.

Come on over to the island and live with us. My husband and I will adopt you! We have a fantastic personal DVD library and Jersey has some beautiful beaches.

Anyway, enough of the rant.

Really liked this. Very heartbreaking to start with, but heart warming in contrast at the end.

A nice mix.

Well done m'darlin'

Kind regards,

8/16/2008 c4 8Sahara'swildeyes
this was really good the last chappie is a tear jerker for sure awesome job keep it up
8/15/2008 c4 21Emeline Pigott
O okay….so hun, you are completetely brilliant…you just wrote the hell out of this and completely blew me away. It was touching, and so relateable and I always thought this song just screamed Winchester…I just wanted to cry right along with the boys. Every bit of the story entertwined perfectly with the song…really, it was amazing.

As for the rest…hm I think all dads are wankers like that. I know mine is. Thank god we can choose our friends (I choose you
8/15/2008 c4 8bgeesfan
Wow...speechless. Terrific chapter. The emotions are so real-the writing is so well done that you can feel and see what's happening. It's also extremely accurate. Can't wait for the next update!

8/15/2008 c4 32vonnie836
Wow, this was very emotional. Very much like it should have been. John giving in and taking Dean to go to Sam. Reunited and in a way for the first time showing Sam how much he loves him. Too bad, it didn't happen that way. Then again, then the show wouldn't have happened the way it did. But you sure did awesome with bringing the emotions out as many of us would have liked to see them, I really think Sam was cheated out of his dads love in so many ways because Mary died so early. Hugs, Vonnie
8/15/2008 c4 88darksupernatural
Beautiful! Love the chapter and the way it was set up. Great job with this. All the detail and the slightly darker feel really worked for you. Loved it.
8/15/2008 c3 21Emeline Pigott
okay, im this great big sad blubbering mess now...i can't even think logically to tell you the ten million kinds of brillant this was.

i can, however, really picture this kind of thing with sam...girl, you are really channeling kripke lol...or maybe he's just channeling you and using all your brillant fiona-ness...

gah! either way...i need to go an get a box of tissues!

beautiful story hun!
8/15/2008 c2 Emeline Pigott
oh oh oh this-this story is love. ek is going to abduct you i swear...this is like one great ol sn episode.

and meg! lol...meg was one of my fave demons.

i loved that song too...haven't heard it in years. it really fits them so well.
8/15/2008 c1 Emeline Pigott
oh my god...Fi, you blow me away every single time i swear. this was sweet, and innocent (sam was written so freaking perfectly), and argh...you had me crying again cause it was just so sweet and you tapped into wee!sam so well. the fears of abandonment were written so well...and i loved his dream.

inspired by lil ol me? =blushes=

you're just fantastic hun...you can write anything.

oh! and john...you did john perfectly...that last line...so him.
8/14/2008 c3 32vonnie836
Wow, this was really awesome. Dean remaining as Sam's conscience, because that is what he always was. I like this. Can't wait for the next song. Hugs, Vonnie
8/14/2008 c2 vonnie836
Much darker, but I like it. Love the way you showed, how the tear slowly heals, even if it is ripped open again once in a while. Hugs, Vonnie
8/14/2008 c1 vonnie836
This was so cute. Little Sammy wanting to go to the fair and how Dean handled him. Loved the last line especially. Sam's giggle and pearly smile will never leave Dean's memory, nor will the blush to their father cheeks when he smiled...really smiled for the first time since Mary. Hugs, Vonnie
8/14/2008 c3 88darksupernatural
First three chapters were awesome Girl! Loved the inner thoughts. I really like those kinds of fics. Great job so far. I'll be around for the rest.
8/14/2008 c3 85skag trendy
Stop it...you're gonna get me crying again.

Please tell me you're gonna bring him back for us?

Kind regards,

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