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10/6/2020 c2 1archangel7431
8/8/2020 c2 1SolisLovegood
Magnificent. You make their love so compelling, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t ship them.
8/26/2019 c2 12ntlpurpolia
Me: lies on the floor crying and angsty at this fic in the best way
6/18/2016 c2 kk
made my cry...
6/18/2016 c1 kk
3/3/2013 c1 57hiddenhibernian
As always in your writing, the details are just exquisite. Sirius explain the nitty-gritty about transformations to Tonks, Black being bad losers, and Remus wondering what James felt just before he died.

The characters are wonderfully in character and the story is a joy to read. Thanks very much for posting, I’m really enjoying this!
7/10/2012 c1 2RememberingToTurnOnTheLight
that part where Tonks undresses and joins him under the blanket is so so true to character, i couldn't have thought of a more Tonks-like thing to do. good job.
1/27/2012 c2 Kitten Kisses
[Only for Remus, who has suffered the loss of more people he's loved than anyone should have to and now has lost his last friend again.] This is so sad. I've seen this bit rehashed a hundred ways by now, but the way you put it is the best so far.

I feel a bit bad for Tonks for being beaten so soundly by Bellatrix, because honestly, at this point (at least for this particular story) she loves Remus, and that's a mighty burden to have to bear.

[You're not alone any more, Remus. Not like before.] This was also really sad. I can't even begin to REALLY imagine how alone Remus must have been before the Order was reformed and everything. It's so incredibly...just sad.

[a potential husband who can only offer hardship and suffering; no home, no family and no likelihood of anything ever being different.] Ah, again you have hit a nail on the head that I think most authors seem to miss when it comes to Remus. When he says he's "too poor", he honestly means...all of that. He has literally nothing to offer her but his physical body and his heart. For everyone, that's not enough, but I think for Tonks it's all she wants- maybe even all she needs.

[too young to face the brutal realities of war] The sad thing is, Remus was too young for the first war. And honestly, who isn't too young to face the harsh reality of LIFE, let alone war? Doesn't matter how young or old you are, it's painful stuff.

I love how motherly Molly is. It just really makes me love her so much. How everyone is one of HER kids to take care of, even if they technically aren't. Gets me all mushy for some reason.

[and visions of a future in which Voldemort picks them off one by one and he has to watch her and Harry die.] That would just about be his worst nightmare, I expect. :(

[He's beyond exhaustion and… he simply does not care.] I'm too sleep-deprived to do this physically, but mentally I am applauding here.

Quite a lovely ending to this one, too. Gosh, why do you write so many great things? I'll never get to sleep at this rate. (Sleep is over-rated anyway, I hear. Though I think 12-hour shift-pulling Tonks would disagree with me on that, and as a former double-shift-puller myself, I cannot deny that sleep is great, not entirely...)
1/27/2012 c1 Kitten Kisses
I was going to read it, and THEN review, but then I got to this line: [There isn't simply age but a lifetime of experiences between them, and a totally different way of viewing the world as something that can hurt you and those you care for very badly indeed.] which I think describes Remus and Nymphadora absolutely perfectly. And I do mean perfectly. Wow. I'm impressed! Not many authors I've found thus far seem to realize that it's not, well, the thirteen years that he means when he says he's too old. Honestly, thirteen years is nothing, not that I would know or anything heh heh.

I also love the description of him. He's not secretly some super sexy thing, amazingly handsome when he's smiling or anything like that. He's just...Remus. A really good, wonderful man. And she's fallen for him because of that and a hundred other things, not because he's handsome or anything like that.

Look at me, practically writing fic in a review. Badly done, self!

[He feels his heart open and it's all because of her.] Ahh such a powerful line.

Very nice so far!
7/12/2011 c2 41Kuri333
And now I'll review this second chapter.

Besides of what's already said about how great you are at writing descriptions, I would like to add how remarkable it is your characterisation. I think it might be difficult to keep the characters... well, "in character", that is, not going OOC. Especially when you're writing scenes that are not in the book. You've managed brilliantly. And furthermore, you've even made said characters more... rich. They behave I ways I would have not expected them to, while still being true to their own spirit. Does this make any sense? I hope so.

And I really like the variation of the PoV. You give them, Tonks and Remus, the scenes they deserve in order to show the complexity of their situation.

I always wonder - and I swear my rambling will finish soon -, does it make any sense if I thank you for writing this? Because I know how this works, if you feel the urge to write, you just write (that's how it works for my fanfiction writing at least). And yet, whether you intended to or not, you've given me a wonderful time while reading this fic. For that, I'm thankful.

7/12/2011 c1 Kuri333
So, I read this first chapter, and wanted very much to review it, but the temptation of pressing that wretched "next" button win over all my good intentions.

Now I just came back here to tell you this chapter is perfect in its sweetness.

What I like the most about this is your descriptions. There are authors that tend to dwell in moods and atmospheres a tad too much. I enjoy those too, but sometimes it seems you could get lost in so many witty ways of explaining things and eventually even lose the thread of the story itself. Your descriptions, on the other hand, are just perfect.

You throw in enough facts to make me "see" it all and even "feel" it all as it is happening to Tonks and Remus, and still, the main story keeps on being the most important thing.

Personally, that's the way I like it the most!

1/16/2011 c2 8MuggleCreator
Very good.
9/12/2009 c1 Caris
Love it! Cheers :)
5/14/2009 c2 126SilverLunarStar

Oh! That was a bloody brilliant conclusion!

I very much enjoyed reading this two-part fic! You did a wonderful job!

I've noticed that you have other Remus and Nymphadora fics... I'll be checking those out soon!

*sighs* A one-to-one with Remus...Loved to, but I fear Nymphadora! Hahaha.

Until next time,

5/12/2009 c1 SilverLunarStar
Oh! I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed everyone's reactions! Especially Mad-Eye's! He's so bloody overprotective of Tonks that it's sweet. ^_^

Plus, that bit about Snape was a great revelation; it makes so much sense.

You're a great writer!

Okay, okay, I really do need to sleep.

Good night!
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