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5/3 c23 23Eboni
Okay, even without an epilogue this is my favorite Charmed story. This fandom is full of awful fiction, but the gems I've found have been epic, and this one tops them all. Thank you for this story! You brought tears to my eyes many times. I am actually going to be very late to an appointment today because I just had to finish this. I have a feeling I will reread this story, often. Take care!
1/22 c17 11thunderofdeath97
eh chris is kind of a disappointment, not really sure if i like the AU future you set up either, idk, it just doesn't really click with me.
1/22 c16 Guest
leo deserves all the hate chris throws at him
1/22 c16 thunderofdeath97
prue has black hair, not brown.
1/22 c14 thunderofdeath97
piper has no room to talk, how many guys has she or her sisters had sex with? lol.

honestly not to thrilled about melinda being the daughter of phoebe, was wanting/hoping to see some overprotective big brother chris, lol.
1/22 c12 thunderofdeath97
anyone else getting an emperor palpatine/darth sidious, or darth vader vibe from wyatt? no, just me? okay then, lol
1/21 c11 thunderofdeath97
how was gideon even alive in the original future?
1/21 c8 thunderofdeath97
how would chris coming back in time, allow melinda to be born to piper and leo? i mean sure, she would most likely be vastly different from her original counterpart, but she would still be born.
1/21 c7 thunderofdeath97
would have been better to have wyatt be the one to kill piper, for several reasons.
1/21 c5 thunderofdeath97
when you think about it, chris should actually be stronger than wyatt.

also melinda is the daughter of piper and leo, kind of odd to change that to make her phoebe's daughter.
11/20/2021 c7 Guest
Its weird. I feel like if Chris has such a relationship relationship know Salome that well, he'd have known bettet than to fall for that misspoke wording trap. Also, it feels like it was alluding to a sexual relationship between her and Wyatt, maybe even an aborted child, and that just really truly disgusts me me even suggest
9/16/2021 c1 Guest
Uh Paige these scenes are supposed to be about Chris’s life piper and Leo were talking about Wyatt’s little brother and yet you can't figure out who the second son was?
8/22/2021 c5 Guest
Really Leo?
You love Chris just as much as you do Wyatt and you try to do your best for both of them?
Then why did you ignore Chris after he kept calling for you on his fifth birthday and yet Wyatt casually calls you not even yelling for you you automatically show up?
You couldn’t have tried sensing if he was in trouble first?
He was at the manor helping Chris celebrate his birthday that really smacks of him being in danger.
If that's what you call loving Chris as much as you do Wyatt then who the hell needs that kind of love.
7/17/2021 c23 Guest
Great story we'll written. Thanks for posting this.
11/17/2020 c23 6DrewSb
This is a great story! I really loved it! It was so well written and so captivating!
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