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8/3/2011 c23 3Dominus Trinus
So glad this fic is finished. Except for the epilogue, which I’m eagerly awaiting like the rest. I feel really lucky I decided to give alternate season 6 fanfic a try. And I’m most lucky to have started with this fic. Amazing job!
6/4/2011 c23 2onlydeadandgone
Loved it. Seriously loved this story and I'm praying so hard for the epilogue to come soon.
5/20/2011 c23 bc2a
finish this story, please! that was mean! what happen to chris?
4/20/2011 c23 10tagalonglovers
Seriously? You upload the entire story and then never do the epilogue...jeez, and everyone says that Wyatt's evil D: I disagree.

But other than that faux pas, I really really enjoyed this story. You are an incredible writer and know just the perfect formula of angst, comfort, injury, and love! Thank you for the wonderful story!


PS. And I know its been a while, but please, one day I'd like to see an epilogue (;
4/14/2011 c23 5Mithya Aviana Cailin
love this so much. thank you for writing this. :)
3/28/2011 c23 mysticmoon1331
Love it! You are a fantastic writer and this was a unique and awesome story. Thank you for writing this! Hope to read more like this from you. I wish you good luck and no writers block in your future writing. Good luck!
3/23/2011 c23 random girl
Thank you so much for this story! Chris is my favorite character of Charmed, and I looooooved this story! It was extremely well written!

So keep writing... and update the epilogue soon please!
3/21/2011 c23 4X5 - 452 and 494
! AMAZING! Now where is that epilog? Must read. Really good story, loved it!
3/17/2011 c23 1Emerald Panther
This story, this one is unique. Of all the Charmed stories that I've read where the sisters find out who Chris really is (not that I read many but still...), I think this is the only one where Chris at first doesn't change. He doesn't start acting nicer to the sisters just because they know who is. I especially like the part when Paige said that he probably believes that they are acting nicer towards him because of an obligation. And Leo. I really didn't like him in the beginning, and I was dreading the fact that you were going to make him such a bastard the entire story, but he changed. It was amazing. Thanks for sharing. I do hope you would put up an epilogue though. I like to get a glimpse of the future. :)
3/6/2011 c23 5KW2009
3/2/2011 c23 8KuroitsukiNoMai
Woot, happy endings! Usually, I'm a sucker for the tragic ones, but Chris just deserves to have his own happily ever after, right? ^.^ hehe

It was great! Thank you so much!

2/27/2011 c23 2Rosalia13
So freaking awesome. And i mean really. How on earth did you come up with that stuff? And where can i sign up for stealing your muse as i'm sure by now there has to be a waiting list. I just wanted to say that i loved the story and the way you changed it a bit and still made it all work. Bye!
1/31/2011 c6 1Dalin Asher Shongili
I love this story! Thanks for writing it.
1/29/2011 c3 Dalin Asher Shongili
This story is very well written.
1/24/2011 c23 13CalamityJim
This has been on e of the most realistic Chris revelation fics I've found. Most of them either don't deal with the consequences of the realization or they have Chris go all gooey eyed and fall into the sisters' open arms. I love that you had him keep his initial distance. It was a great element. Good job.
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