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1/15/2018 c23 Guest
I think I like your version way more. Nice work!
11/1/2017 c23 Wolf'sVine
Lately I've come across quite a few Chris revelation fics where he has this huge amount of baggage dragging him down... understandably. But, reading this fic... I really got to read the struggle, cuz, well, in a lot of fics they just immediately click when the sisters and Leo find out Chris is their son/nephew, but... except for poor Leo that is, cuz Chris really has a whole ton of issues with his future father. I really felt as Piper tried to cope with having a grown up son that is so troubled and so closed off when she desperately wants to just get to know him and bring him into her arms. And Phoebe and Paige were forced to realize that they weren't the greatest aunts or parents and that they let themselves get in their own way of being there for their family in the future. While Leo had to grapple with having a son who his future self hurt so badly that Chris ended up despising him and wanting nothing to do with him, no matter how much the present Leo tried to get close to his son. And, yes, Leo gave up trying to get to know his future son because the armor around Chris when it came to him was so thick that I'm pretty sure air would suffocate. If that made any sense. So, yeah, things had to get drastic and Leo had to choose either his family or his calling... and when he chose, only then did a very small chink in Chris' armor was created. I know he'll be a better father to Chris. Anyways, reading this fic hurt in a lot of ways because the pain and hardships everyone had to face in regards to themselves, their futures and their family as a whole. Not to mention constant outside supernatural forces like demons and evil witch/demon hybrids and Elders gone off the rails always butting in and making their lives even harder than it already is. I hope Chris gets a wonderful and happy future. Oh, and I wish there had been more interaction between big Chris and baby Wyatt since Chris has done so much to save his big brother from turning evil. Not to mention I really like the thought of Chris reluctantly finding his big brother adorable in baby form! I hope my review wasn't too long. And, I'm really happy what I read this fic and that it was just different enough from other fics like it to make it almost new.
6/27/2017 c2 16head.chantal
Love Penny's temper tantrum and the comment about Piper still having a temper in the future.
6/27/2017 c1 head.chantal
Love the line "I thought we were going to talk, spells are not talking" I could totally see Chris saying that in an episode.
Had to smile when Phoebe said "I think this is the part where we declare the spell back fired".
5/24/2017 c23 brightflare
Great story. Is there an epilogue?
5/7/2017 c12 BookHoarder6
love the plot and creator thanks keep it coming I want more lol
4/2/2017 c23 mollyfrazier93
I just found this. And just wanted to say how much I loved it. I was crying all throughout it. I really wished that there was more!
2/28/2017 c23 24everDestined
I'm 7 years too late, but I don't care because that was amazing!

You don't know how disappointed I am that the epilogue never got posted or a sequel was have made.

That was perfect! I loved everything. I love love Badass!chris. I've been on a Chris fic kick these last few weeks after I just rewatched season 6, I loved his character.
12/23/2016 c7 1shiho59
9/14/2016 c23 Guest
Great story! I especially like how Leo tells Chris that he's a good man...I don't think it gets emphasized enough, imo. Chris could join Wyatt, ignore all the suffering, or let his own traumas turn him into an embittered and selfish person. But he doesn't. He's not unflawed (or we wouldn't like him!), but he ~is good.

I think the gradual reconciliation and growing closeness with his family was realistic, and the point clearly made that while they do love him because he's family, they also grow to love him for himself (which is better).
5/11/2016 c23 IAmCayj
that was beautiful!
5/11/2016 c22 IAmCayj
Chris...Chris isn't dead right? This this this wasn't supposed to happen. Its an AU nooooooo Chris noooooo
5/11/2016 c21 IAmCayj
I have a question: Where was Wyatt? When Chris and Leo brought the sisters to the underworld, no one mentioned Wyatt. And when they're with Salome, they still haven't mentioned him. If its explained later sorry, just getting my questions out as they come
5/11/2016 c20 IAmCayj
oh i hope so! I miss seeing his memories and i even love seeing evil Wyatt because I love seeing his interaction with Chris. evil it not, you can't Deny he loves his little brother
5/11/2016 c19 IAmCayj
tsk tsk But hopefully Leo won't fall for Gideons lies since he knows Chris is his son now
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