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5/11/2016 c15 IAmCayj
oh it was so cute the way he mumbled "homemade gravy"
5/11/2016 c14 IAmCayj
I followed it! Leo needs to get off his ass and TRY. I mean the guy hates you yes but you wallowing and feeling bitter isn't going to bridge the gap now is it
5/11/2016 c14 IAmCayj
Chris dont fall for it please! Chris is the manipulative smart know it all! Some stupid half demon with an inferiority complex shouldn't be angle to outsmart him not once not twice but every time they meet
5/11/2016 c13 IAmCayj
I sure am because I'd rather he killed this Salome bitxh than kiss her, but hey its not my story. I do think that he gives in to her too much. Chris is strategic and always planning on the show and I think he wouldn't just orb to Salome without knowing how he was going to manipulate her to make things go his way. However, in this story, every time we see Chris and Salome together she has the upper hand and he tends to lose out
5/11/2016 c13 IAmCayj
waiiiiit last time we left Chris with Paige, sheradon and darryl came out of the room to the us that he was gone. That's not going to happen this time is it? I mean its AU so it shouldn't right
5/11/2016 c5 IAmCayj
I thought they were going to see how Chris and Wyatt came yo love each other so much. I mean this memory was definitely a must see, but I was kind of hoping for a brothers moment
3/26/2016 c23 2evacromwell
Brilliant story, loved it, but can we have the epilogue please? I'm dying to find out what happens in the future.
2/5/2016 c23 1mayawene
j'aime merci
1/26/2016 c23 Guest
Amazing story! :)
12/5/2015 c23 8TinkStar87
Oh i really Loved this story! Love how you brought Prue back and everyone interacting with each other, it was just prefect. Why couldn't the show do this? That's the one thing that always kind of bugged me; Prue wasn't in the 100(?) episode like everyone else, would have been epic if she had been. Of course i get why and that's the great thing about fanfiction. Again LOVE THIS! One question...where is this epilogue you spoke of? Read ya Later ;)
11/10/2015 c23 Guest
Awwww... I wish you'd give us that epilogue. ;)
10/30/2015 c23 Hi
I really loved your story, it was so good I wished you wrote the series haha. I'm glad you tortured everyone with how shitty they had treated Chris and made them actually earn forgiveness, it was really well done :). Lol you killed me with that epilogue talk when I saw the last update was 2010. But the ending was still really good, a nice wrap up. Hope you are going well with your writing as you are very talented. I hope your life is really good too, it's been 5 years since you wrote this and I hope they've treated you well. Thanks for writing this :D
9/25/2015 c1 6BooksAreMedicine
Really, I think they just want Chris to be evil, how much more telling could the memory be? Great memory to start with by the way. Leo could be a good dad if he just accepted that Chris and Wyatt are two different boys who need different things. You certainly nailed Piper and Chris in this chapter.
9/25/2015 c23 Guest
I love, love, love this story. Any chance of you posting the epilogue? I'd love to see what the changed future is like.
9/18/2015 c2 1Summer rain 25
Charmed is my all time favourite tv show and it's sooooo hard to find good stories about it. I've only read the first two chapters and I already love this! It seems like something that definitely could have happened in the charmed world and the things the characters are saying are things they would actually say in the show! I'm excited to keep reading :)
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