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for A Company Man

7/9/2015 c23 AJ Granger
I like the story. Well done with capturing the characters. I am curious as to the epilogue.
6/22/2015 c23 Guest
I really love this story. Any chance you will post the epilogue someday? I'd like to see how the future turns out.
2/23/2015 c15 4Child of Jon Snow
your just full ow of suprises arnt you
2/20/2015 c16 8lovemya2000
Awesome And Omg His Lost Aunt! COOL
2/20/2015 c5 lovemya2000
Sad Chapter. Poor Chris
2/17/2015 c9 Guest
I always knew you were more like me than you care to admit.

Always thought that, that Chris didn't use his powers out of fear of being like Wyatt.
1/31/2015 c23 DyingInnocence
Where's the epilogue?
12/19/2014 c23 YJ Sun
Love the story but no epilogue, why?:(
12/1/2014 c23 Guest
I remember reviewing this months ago... I just reread it and still think it's fantastic. But where's the epilogue you promised? :( everyone's asking for it
10/22/2014 c23 1Till4everEnds23
I know it been so long since you finished this, but since I'm just reading it, is there any way possible you could get that epilogue out for the people who love this story?! I love it and I want to see all Chris goes home to! :)
9/15/2014 c6 16head.chantal
Great story just very long i've been reading it for several hours (and I'm a fast reader as it's pretty much all i do) and I'm only on chapter 6
8/19/2014 c23 2Lheachan

After 13 years i sudden;ly missed charmed so i stopped by your story it was well written and i love you story. Chris was fav character I feel his sacrifice was not really focused and given importance and I think your story gave him justice. Kudos to you. Would really love it if you gave hint of your epilogue and twist thanks :)
8/12/2014 c23 Guest
Love the story, but I am sad that you never wrote the epilogue. Can I still hope?
7/21/2014 c23 5coloradospace

I discovered this fic about a week agho and damn, that's a good one! Is it weird if I liked Salome? I can't make up my mind if I like to hate her (not as much as Gideon!) or if I just like her cause she always brings something interesting. Probably the latter, she's one good character!

You said you would write an epilogue but it's been 4 years since you've finished this fic and still no epilogue :( I would love to see the new futur, and even a sequel with Melly considering what Salome saw but I guess that won't happen since you seemed to have moved on from the fandom. Can I still hope for the promised epilogue?

In any case, that was a fun ride, so thank you for sharing.

6/20/2014 c23 3Myrrina
Your story is one of the best story I ever read !
Congratulations ! :D
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