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8/15/2008 c1 4crzywhtgrl
I like it..Keep Going
8/15/2008 c1 5cdfe88
For a revelation story, aside from recurring to seeing memories, at least you didn't go straight to the apocalypse. It was really subtle and I liked that the story wasn't too straightforward. Good job.
8/15/2008 c1 Werid-O-Ville
:) really good start :)
8/15/2008 c1 8frznlights
Sweet, looks interesting. What happened to Chris tho?
8/15/2008 c1 10234group
Wow! Awsome start!I like it! You did a really good job! Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/15/2008 c1 penguincrazy
This was a great strt to your story. I really liked that yuo didn't decided to use teh truth spell to reveal his identy and used another wway to do so. Can't wait to read your next cahpter. Please Update soon!
8/15/2008 c1 10RowdyRomantic
You have my attention! : ) Very Good start!
8/15/2008 c1 9Andboriel Swann
Wow. I absolutely love your take on the Chris revealation plot. The characters are all "in character." I didn't notice any obvious grammar issues, which always makes a story better. Personally, I hope Chris doesn't automatically forgive them for the way he's been treated. It kind of bothered me in the show that they sort of went from hating him, to being a loving family without any middle ground. Overall, great job! I look forward to reading the rest of the story.
8/15/2008 c1 11angel74
loved the chapter and the story. i can't wait to see what happens next.
8/15/2008 c1 lizardmomma
very good start, I wanted to keep reading...
8/15/2008 c1 MargotTenser
This is such a fun and intrigueing beginning. I don't think it was overly confusing, I think it was perfect. It was interesting to just get dumped into the middle of Chris's memories because any confusion it generated put us in the same position (or similar position) as the COs. I also liked how you portrayed Leo and Piper's relationship - it's a very accurate portrayal of two parents with different goals and understandings of what's best for their children. It's so wonderful - I can't wait for the next update.
8/15/2008 c1 1meilinglovesshaoran
I love Chris revelation fics!

More soon please!
8/14/2008 c1 iamkagomeiloveinuyasha
so going in my favs!

update asap please!
8/14/2008 c1 1CharmingKelsey16
Great so far. Are you going to throw in the revelation sooner or later? Keep it up!
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