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for Why So Sirius?

3/13/2011 c4 Dude from journeyz
Wow. I didn't expect u to be this good. Nice details. Felt like I was there. Love how u captured the jokers personality so well. Can't wait to read more. Btw my name is Nathan
5/11/2010 c4 delete this acccount please
Sickingly sweet.:)
7/22/2009 c4 Amarda Deneuve
Uh-Oh THIS is so cool! I wanna read more and more and more! Keep it goin'
4/5/2009 c4 15Lady Nightlord
Oh! I love this so please write more! *cries* It's ace! And I love the last lines of the last chapter! CLASSIC! *squeals and glomps Joker*
9/20/2008 c4 highland girl 1592
I hope that Sirius knows what she's doing.:(
9/20/2008 c3 highland girl 1592
So much for Paul.He should've left.:(
9/20/2008 c2 highland girl 1592
So he knew all along.heh.If I were Sirius,I would suspect that somebody at the Academy tipped him off.:)
9/20/2008 c1 highland girl 1592
How did the Joker know her cell phone number? I hope that he doesn't know that she's CIA.:)
9/18/2008 c4 BluiJean
AH YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE!I GOTSTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS...so was she naked like nothing covering her. cuase sometimes there might be a small cloth over her pp and stuff or was she totally exposed for all to see. the joker doesnt have blond hair. tis green-ish brown
9/18/2008 c4 22Hushabye
WOW! You've really captured the Joker's insaneness. This chap. was creepy! I love it!
8/23/2008 c4 2123Ekaterina
joker is creepy ...
8/21/2008 c4 TazzleHane
O, very evil...


Wouldnt have a clue where this is going, so can't give you any ideas...

Surprise me lol

I like surprises...

Nice to see you've got another review, I'm surprised no one else has reviewed, this is a reaaly good story =]

8/20/2008 c4 Kealy
hey this is the same chapter as the last lol! i really like what you have going so far! It seems like you have a really solid story going on..i happen to love the joker very very much and i think this fanfic really lives up to my expectations of him lol : ) keep up the good work and fix this chapter because its driving me crazy! I can't wait to see what happens next.
8/19/2008 c3 TazzleHane
I'm likking this story...

Very much

Hee Hee!

Update soon?



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