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for Reunion

1/21/2021 c29 Guest
It's an awesome chapter please continue this fanfic I want to know what will happen till the end
6/2/2018 c29 ZwarteKat
please continue
11/10/2013 c29 4KitsuneFlareFox
Please don't stop I'm lovin this story
2/27/2013 c11 14Gracidea of the Valley
Sooooooo did Train get the bounty?
2/27/2013 c9 Gracidea of the Valley
Good grief, is Eve EVER going to stop doing that to Train and Saya?
2/3/2013 c29 Vinyl
Dear writer,This is sincerely a beatiful fanfic. Please, never quit this,I've been ready this every afternoon since chapter 1. I really enjoy your story, it's incredibly cute and passionate.

Please don't dissapoint your followers, that im sure they are a lot more than you think they are. Continue this, for the sake of great fanfics!

I'll be looking forward to chapter 30 and so.
4/6/2012 c29 3Half-Dragon127
please, please, please, pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssse! finish the story! it's so freaking good!
3/25/2012 c7 JustAFool
terribly cute
12/28/2011 c29 Lin
Glad you finally updated. The story is going GREAT please keep going :)
8/9/2011 c28 5imafighta
! when train dies make him die like saya! and after train comes back to life (since i know that you aren't going to kill him indiffently.) make him and saya give each other **ahem** a 'passionate' kiss, if you get my meaning!
6/27/2011 c3 115AmyNChan
I love how Eve's bugging him and now he's in a pink apron! *^_^*
4/27/2011 c28 Lin
WOW! I love this story! I hope you update soon. It is very intresting and well written. It's also really sweet and romantic. TrainXSaya forever! :)
12/26/2010 c28 AmyNChan
THIS IS SO CUTE! Please continue the story and finish it as well as you've been writing it.


p.s. What's 'glomped'?
10/20/2010 c13 TribeKing024
"Train just died and went to chocolate chip cookie heaven,"

That cracks me up! I can't stop laughing!
9/8/2010 c28 4cheng
update soooooooon. OMFG love your story!
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