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for If you have a big heart you will read this

8/11/2012 c1 Gabi
Beautiful, outstanding job! I cried... :'(
3/10/2009 c1 20Shichinintai'sGoddess
Im crying again!and i put this up! T_T *sob* *cry*
8/19/2008 c1 She-who-doesn't-choke
Does it have to be a big *warm* heart? Cuz I don't have one you know. Oh, by-the-by, (and no, I don't know what by-the-by means, don't ask, look it up, then tell me) I have half-a-mind (and yes, I *do* know what that one means) to come over and smother you with my 'heart'. (You know what I mean, missy) Or maybe I'll just sit on you, yeah, that seems fun . . . sit on ya . . . SQUISH! FAIL UNDER MASS AMOUNTS OF SISTER-WEIGHT! MWAHAHA- NO! I will not choke again, I'm stopping now.
8/16/2008 c1 Yuti-Chan
That was sad and great... And of course I love your stories. And of course Bankotsu isn't gay or bi, but straight :) So please update "Amityville horror", please !
8/16/2008 c1 iStoleYourChips
they were all said but what do they have to do wit inuyasha?
8/16/2008 c1 1boomclap
these were so sad. Thx for putting them up!
8/16/2008 c1 5Reluctant Seeker
those are so sad. i'm still crying
8/16/2008 c1 takengoddess
so sad i cryed i still am actually but how could anyone not read that

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