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8/24/2011 c15 Guest
This is the best fanfic I have ever read in my entire life. I hope you continue with the good work. (;
7/20/2011 c7 5Kawaii Kiyoko-chan
ugh its now 2:02 in the morning ive read up to this chapter and now i get yelled at to go to bed youre such a good writer and i cant wait to read the rest!
5/10/2011 c7 1nie2294
this is soo incredible.. i don't understand why you got only 17 reviews on this till now.. this is the second time i'm reading it.. and its just really creepy and sad.. and .. so many things.. GREAT WORK! it would be great if you kept updating it..

*totally in love with the story*
10/12/2010 c2 Ivory
I'm currently still reading, just a quick observation... Is the "Skidaiyo, Ritsuka" in ch. 2 supposed to mean "I love you, Ritsuka"? Because in that case, it should be "Suki da yo, Ritsuka". ^_^ I mean, I haven't read any raw Loveless manga yet so I'm not familiar with the particular vernacular the author uses, but skidaiyo puzzled me and it's not even phonetically viable in Japanese. :P

Ok, geeky mode off, now time to get back to the story...
4/18/2010 c9 6ShivaQuinn
You are a great writer xD keep it up.
11/21/2009 c15 Soubiplz
I cannot believe that this story has so little reviews.

I have to say this is the second time I've read this story and I enjoy it every time, I like your writing style and love the descriptiveness with every chapter, you describe everything to the last detail building a great story.

You used an original idea and developed it with a unique plot which leaves the reader begging for more. The fact that every chapter is a really good length and never lacks a little bit of drama amazes me, you have an enviable imagination and writing style.

Well amazing story, I'm off to read the next part for the second time again hopefully you'll write a new Loveless story again soon :P

Well done!

6/23/2009 c15 11YoungAthletesOnIce
What? You ended it just like that? Are you out of your mind? Ok...I might be overreacting...I'm sorry for yelling at you. Anyway, um...Please tell me that you decided to make a sequel to this fanfic right? I mean, I can't believe that you actually ended it like this. Well, I'll still look for your other stories.
4/1/2009 c11 3RootLess
There's a thing I don't really get.

Yuiko's behaviour is unrealistic to me... sure, she cares a lot about Ritsuka... but so much that she can giggle and smile and saying something so optimistic about her future? Hnn... dunno... for some reason I can't handle that
4/1/2009 c10 RootLess
I didn't review the 9th chapter... so I'll combine it with this review. I really liked it ... although I prefere it more subtle, but you wrote it so tenderly and with "love-filled"-atmosphere I enjoyed reading it (I shouldn's say it that way, should I? ^^). But there was one thing I didn't like... why writing "cock"? ... its so... dunno ... not fitting to the discribed emotions and feelings... at least to me ;). Nevertheless for your first yaoi I really think you did a good job... and I loved them to be so close... finally.

Chapter 10 seemed to be one of those chapters to combine one happening with the next... so nothing special... although I love the way you describe Yaoji and Natsou... so In Character because of their naughtiness ^^. I'm totally into thos two^^
3/22/2009 c8 RootLess
Ah that's a really intresting Idea about Ritsuka's skills and what makes them to want him at their school.

And I like the communication possibilites of ritsuka and soubi... but they weren't able to do that before, were they? Let's see if it is a topic in your next chapters

I'll go on reading the story tomorrow.

Good Night

3/22/2009 c6 RootLess
Ah that was clever.

I wonderd how you would describe the fight as it is a very difficult scene do write... but good, you avoided it ... I liked it that way.

Although ... *sniff* ... the price of that fight ... *sobb* ... but actually I am an optimistic or naive person ... Is just hurt, bad hurt ... and although I don't want Semei to turn "nice" again ... he helped him... didn't he? (please)

I guess I'll get to know it within the next chapters ;)
3/22/2009 c5 RootLess
You are welcome ... It's nice to know my comments make you happy :). Actually I'd love to give more structural and differentiated comments, but obviously my mother tounge is not english but german. I'd love to tell you how I feel reading your story ... but unfortunately the barriers of language stop me.
3/21/2009 c4 RootLess
WOW! That chapter was amazing!

The kiss was so overwhelmig... I almost hat the feeling to be in Ritsukas place (In that moment I wished to be)
3/20/2009 c3 RootLess
Ah, I had actually expected you would wait a little longer for Ritsuka getting more open to Soubi... but while I was reading this my heart begged for it to get them affectionate again ... Nevertheless... I guess its good to keep readers in suspense ...at the beginning... to make it more releasing when it comes to the longed-for point ;).

I'll go on reading in the next days... I am actually very busy right now with university stuff (so much to be tested in) and its half past 3 in the middle of the german night... I ned to go to bed, right now


3/20/2009 c2 RootLess

Finally a well written, thought-out Loveless Fanfiction ... unfortunatly that's so rare!

Although I am kinda sad about Ritsukas development, I only guess its the way it would turn out beeing 24-7 in this situation as he is ... and I bet that's what's making this story so intresting. I'll keep on reading and hope the story will go on as good as it is ;)
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