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6/17/2009 c3 Rare Chocolate
Ah, it was such a nice story until you mentioned that bitch Hannah "Bitch" Montanna...
4/30/2009 c4 2Xanthia Sorel
An interesting peice of work
3/29/2009 c4 1AzianPow
Nice story so far ^^!

I hope you update soon!
10/11/2008 c4 13XxMisaki EndouxX
After being out of FanFiction for two weeks, it feels really good to read one of your stories once again!

This chapter was kinda vague. I think it was rushed on some parts like the opening. Other than that, I love it! Continue and make sure this'll get better! No, you BETTER make this better. Hahaha.
10/7/2008 c4 KeRose
Ahh, an amazing chapter that was well-worth the wait. Definitely looking forward to what happens next: Asahina-san as well as Fujiwara and Nakagawa's imminent involvement in this. In particular, I love the way you write Aki in terms of more modern and American metaphors. Keep up the good writing and see you next chapter
10/7/2008 c4 5Enigma-Nemesis
Great chapter! It's pretty clear that Aki is going to be leading an interesting life from here on out :P

Can't wait to see Miss Asahina come back and hear what she has to say!

Please update again soon!
9/17/2008 c3 Enigma-Nemesis
Loved this chapter :P
9/17/2008 c2 Enigma-Nemesis
Interesting chapter, and I really like the story so far. Most future fics don't really interest me, but your story is doing great currently. It's really different from all the Haruhi fics I've read. Taniguchi-sensei? Lol, I didn't expect that XD
9/16/2008 c4 2KeRose
I cannot believe how much of my enthusiasm you just stole from me when I saw there was an "update" to this story. =_=

Wala ng ideas, huh? Or are you just taking a short break? I don't care if you are taking a break or discontinuing but next time just tell us ambiguous stuff like "Don't expect an update on this anytime soon." I'd be happy enough with the truth than uncertainty! Hope to see your works again soon
9/15/2008 c4 Back Jauer
Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Just when it got really good, you decide to discontinue the story. Bah, humbug.
9/13/2008 c3 3SonicMoon08
It was a funny chapter,Im a little confused but maybe my doubts will be answered in further chapters...
9/12/2008 c3 2KeRose
Thank for the update to your story. To me, this chapter raises a few questions. First, I assume that name picking is intentional. So does that mean that Nakagawa and Fujiwara are descendants of those from the later light novels? (I believe like novels 6 and 9, respectively?) If so, I wonder if you'll reference that in the future as well. And I apologize for jumping to conclusions about Taniguichi's and Kyon's friendship last time. I'm sure you are very meticulous about what you let the reader know. for example, how you finally tell us the name ( or rather pet name) for our narrator similar to the novels and anime. So I'm sure everything you bring up will get answered in the end, I suppose.

All in all, this was a very good read and I continue to look forward to you next installment. Can't wait to see how the rest of the Brigade looks in their older age!
9/12/2008 c3 13XxMisaki EndouxX
Well, since I have already proof-read this, I can't say anything more than it is simply AWESOME again.

Great chapter and I hope you keep this up.

Oh, and... nah. Never mind.
9/4/2008 c2 3SonicMoon08
Im glad you continued with the story! Never thought of Taniguchi becoming a teacher. ^^U But why do you hate your OC?
9/1/2008 c2 the grey mage
i can see why. you treat him as if hes kyons/haruhi's orphan child. does he have a name?
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