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for Encyclopedia Brown Takes Them Down

5/15/2014 c1 Guest
i agree with apprenticeofdaedelus. You did really well with your tribute, but i'm looking for one that shows sally and encyclopedia graduallly changing from friends, to a loving couple. i would really appreciate one like that if you ever wanted to do it.
9/30/2013 c2 ApprenticeOfDaedalus
Could you make a Encyclopedia/Sally fanfiction? I wanted to see if anybody already made one, but apparently not.
2/12/2013 c3 1MacLeaper
You did a good job of maintaining a similar format to the Encyclopedia Brown books. Nicely done on that! :-)
I had some trouble following all of the cases though. However, the format and the kinds of mysteries solved definitely reminded me of the kinds of cases I would expect to see in Mr. Sobol's books, so that was very cool.
8/11/2011 c1 25werebunny131
Wow, this read almost exactly like the books. Nice job!
6/23/2011 c1 6savegalkissy
you made a lot of spelling errors. other then that, this was awesome!

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