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for The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki

2/8/2009 c1 gah
Well the only complaint i have is some grammar and sentence structure issues.

Maybe try getting a beta to go over your work.
12/2/2008 c3 shyguy1818
can you write please more please because it was awsome.
11/15/2008 c4 DrearyEarthReport
11/14/2008 c4 4Kiri no Kandy
wow! great chapter! i can't wait for the next one, please update soon!
11/13/2008 c1 Seia
Just a remark, I just read the first chapter but I will be honest the Super Naruto, or Super Intelligent is not very my thing, so I will not be reading the thing. Nothing to do with you.

However when I was reading the story, You wrote something that I think sound strange.

Naruto is not suppose to tell anybody of his true power until he his in danger or if someone call him weak.

I have nothing against the danger part, but if he tell Naruto to zip it he must have been for a very good reason, probably for his safety.

It some meaningless taunt is is reason enough to reveal your strengtg? Think about it. Called the opponed weak (using far more demeaning thing) is the ABC of every good fighter. Showing is true strength everytime someone called him weak (that will be a lot if we consider that before he went away he was weak) will have the whole village knowing his true strength in no time.

So yeah just something I noticed. Keep writing, you have a nice writing sty;le
11/13/2008 c4 56Gravenimage
Great chapter update soon.
11/11/2008 c3 ElRusso
hey nice done so far! keep up it's really good!
11/4/2008 c3 2mike299
i hope u update soon the story is doing great :)! it didn't take me long to read it all but hey, who cares about the length? as long as its a good story!cant w8 for the next chapter!
11/4/2008 c2 mike299
story gets better and better doesn't it? they may be short, but still good! keep it up!
11/4/2008 c1 mike299
this story seems to have true potential :)! i cant wait to read more to see how it goes! nicely done
8/25/2008 c3 2Chapsticks2
Yeah, I think I'm inclined to agree with Emperor Sasuke. Naruto is way to forgiving, Ino shows no guilt or remorse and It's like a Disney film. I do however like the story itself so the only thing wrong for me are the personalities of Ino and Naruto.

Keep up the good work overall.
8/25/2008 c3 4Kiri no Kandy
WOW! awsome chapter, can't wait for the next one, update soo! PLEASE!
8/25/2008 c3 Emperor Sasuke
Naruto is way too forgiving in this. And Ino didn't express any guilt or contrition at all about what she did. This story is coming across like a Walt Disney movie.
8/25/2008 c3 1jere7782
why would ino get hurt?

good story so far!
8/25/2008 c3 56Gravenimage
Great chapter update soon.
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