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for In Which Age Knows No Boundaries

11/23/2008 c9 2aflaskj
This is hilarious! I love all the adults-turned-kids. XD All of their shenanigans are so funny! Update soon!
11/14/2008 c9 2NX-Loveless-XN
This is so funny!~ I love it~! Please continue~!
10/22/2008 c9 10inichuinmylife
This story is so cute! I have a strange urge to get an L plushie now. *wants* Drunk men are scary, but not as scary as Watari could be when he finds out about Mello and his 'gangsta' self. Very cute story! *loves* *adds to faves and alerts*
10/20/2008 c9 1Chanthel
heii! I luv the story! I hope there's more Light, Misa and L next time!xD
10/9/2008 c9 1spinningvortex
YAY! Aww, poor Near. Stupid drunk men. Almost as bad as sober men...^^ Heh...

'Till next time!

9/30/2008 c8 44Translucent Darkness
L and Near are such trouble makers. This chapter made me laugh so much!
9/30/2008 c8 1spinningvortex
Ooh-hoo! Matty and Mello's night out. With Near. SQUEE!

And, Misa's so adorable! It must be nice to have so many 'brothers' to play with. ^^

'Till next time!

9/30/2008 c8 M.S DARK ANGEL
9/30/2008 c8 C Elise
very funny! I adore L
9/27/2008 c7 spinningvortex
Aww! L's so cute! ^^ ...I can't recall how many times I've said that now... :shrugs:

I hope something bad happens to the cake, like someone accidentally puts laxitive or something in one...

9/26/2008 c7 44Translucent Darkness
I love L's lesson! I also loved naked L running around...it was awkward fun.
9/13/2008 c6 4Sarahteehee3
This is amazing please keep this story going i love it! It is very original!
9/13/2008 c1 49Booky230
I bet Ryuk is behind this. Good story.
9/13/2008 c6 1spinningvortex
o.O Well Matty, I did not see that coming. :shrugs:

Hm...the kida should prank Matt, Mello and Near. Mostly Near, 'cause Mello and Matt are still kidish anyway. Oh oh!

They could put viagra and laxitives in Near's food!

Heh, I've always wanted to do that to someone...^^

You have an awesome weekend as well. Mine's going pretty good. I had a rugby tournament yesterday.

9/12/2008 c6 a.Arty
haha! in ur faces Mello n Light! xD

i hope watari doesnt find L ran away...lol...

cant wait for the next chap! X3 (i wonder where all L's soft toys went...lol i lov soft toys!)
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