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9/11/2008 c5 maria
so cute! i'm speechless, the last part was so fucking cute! _

please update!
9/10/2008 c5 a.Arty
aww! xD

cant wait for the next chap so kawaii! *imagines task force seeing their boss as a kid...* CUTE! X3
9/10/2008 c5 Lylaid
This story is so funny! Everything is either cute or hilarious Aw, and the chibi versions of Matsu, L, Raito and Misa are so cute.

I really like how the kiddie versions of L and Light are slowly warming up to each other.

I love how Matt's so level headed and good with the kids as an adult. I could see Matsuda asking Matt to adopt him and Matt just says okay since 'he's just cool like that', but then Matsuda does something Matsuda-ish like he starts wearing Matt's old clothes because he wants to be like his 'daddy' or he'll ask mello if he'll be the 'mommy'!

*On a side note - you may want to add one or two of the main characters in the story to the character list thing, since people generally search for stories based on their favorite characters and this way more people will be able to see it since it's so good!
9/10/2008 c5 CaeliaDanan
9/10/2008 c5 1spinningvortex
AW! Light's so cute!

OH! And, I've had this massive idea. You don't have to use it, but it would be funny.

Ok. So, you know how Matt and Mello are older, yes? (Of course you do.) Well, say that they went out to a cafe or a club or something, and some girls tried to pick them up. o.O Hm, reading my description, it isn't very good. But I'm sure you could take it and make it awesome!

^^ S.V
9/1/2008 c4 merichuel
this is so frigging cute! L's hyperactive brat, Light still has something stuck up his ass, Misa... is Misa, i love L, ant the three older boys... xD too cute!

please update soon
9/1/2008 c4 spinningvortex
o.O Yeah...I could see Mello doing that. That's kinda creepy. :shrugs:

#5! please?

8/24/2008 c3 spinningvortex
Oh, next chapter! :bounces in chair:

And, may I just say, that old man was cre-py. ^^

8/22/2008 c2 spinningvortex
Yeah, I figured that Matt would make the best "baby-sitter". He's just awesome that way. ^^

Once again, mini-L is so cute! :huggles mini-L:

8/22/2008 c2 tricia010
lol great story!

L is so funny
8/20/2008 c1 spinningvortex
AW! Little L is SO cute! I WANTS HIM! :huggles lil' L:

^^ I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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