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for An Octopus shaped Revenge

6/22/2009 c1 29Kloudy Reignfall
Oh goodness, that was cute. ^_^ I love how, despite Doumeki rarely ever saying a word, the descriptive paragraphs are so painstakingly detailed. =D And I like his in-depth thought process about his short and sweet conversations.

I'm so glad you wrote this. As soon as I read the scene with the Plain Sausages Incident it was immediately cemented into my mind as a classic xHolic moment. In my mind, I somehow instantly forgot that it wasn't canon, it was just that perfect. ^^; Anyway, this sums it all up quite well.


6/7/2009 c1 12SanteeLegs
Oh my GOSH, I googled the 'cute bento' and I was baffled. Completely. Baffled. The pictures make this story so much more... I don't know, amazing!
6/3/2009 c1 7black-hurt17
eh soo col ^^
3/26/2009 c1 41Twelf Bell
NYAHAHAHA XD omg. it was so funny! and so YUMMY :O i checked it up as you said and they were so cute!~ watanuki should really join an art class or something xD (btw, i think i have read almost all of your stories so far :D)
2/16/2009 c1 October 13th
Oh, this whole thing made me hungry with all this talk of bento... XD

Very cute (baw, word used too much by now) depiction of Kimihiro's failed vengeful side. Gotta give it to him for at least trying. :3
1/25/2009 c1 AngieSash
If I were near Doumeki at that time, I would be in awe too at the sight of his bento meal. Watanuki's antics never fails to amaze me. XD

You write well, very very well that I almost think that your fanfics are part of the xHolic's storyline. Or maybe it's just my imagination...=^_^= Keep it up!
12/28/2008 c1 11yumerin
Thank god you had to write this. Because it's lovely, in a culinary, artistic way.

I'm hungry now ._.

(Pause. "Doumeki, you got yourself a girl" - yeah, right.)
12/24/2008 c1 28Thais of the Star
Entirely random, but quite enjoyable. Somebody did their research, too, which always adds depth. :)
12/8/2008 c1 XxxblackpearlxxX
Ah.. Now am hungry! ^_^' and now am thinking like Doumeki with my stomach.. -_-' well anyway.. Another lovely fic.. Good job yet again.. Hope to see more of them in the future! And the sequels to ''dreams and realities'' (just saying.. Don't get murderous or something!). Good luck! ^_^ oh! And i checked out your profile.. Pretty meet.. ^_^
11/25/2008 c1 KuroxTenshi
hahah, how funny!
10/26/2008 c1 17yuMeNami
wahahahahaha..OMG..hahaha..that was so fun! lolz..i bet shizuka's proud..lolz..
10/25/2008 c1 Acclivity
Finally responding to your PM about reviews lawl. /lazy

Watanuki needs to take lessons from Yuuko about how to properly humiliate someone. Silly boy.

Doumeki is so...simple.
10/21/2008 c1 Sapphire and Gold
XD Ahahaha. Doumeki, your amazing. In so many ways.

Wonderful story! I just loved it! It was a total JOY to read! If this was pointless, then please write more pointless things! Their great fun to read! :)
10/2/2008 c1 1Estrella85
Bwa ^_^ Such a cute one-shot, you captured Doumeki and Watanuki perfectly. Great job!
9/22/2008 c1 63Rose Unspindle
Kawaii. Now I'm hungry...
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