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for Even Angels Fall

3/23/2009 c1 9pinkedgirl
OMG! why haven't I read this?

it's so amazing!

love it!

aww it was so sad and romantic at the same time!

OMG! the last part made me cry! gosh! Shane finally understand it!

Hey why haven't you update Creating Ripples I totally love that story!

anyways keep writing NaTess!

9/4/2008 c1 Anon
I'm confused...

2013? Did the rest of the story take place is 2012? How did Nate's heart get to be broken in the first place? Did Tess break up with him back in '08 and did they get back together THEN get engaged? If she died, and that's why Nate was depressed, then why were people calling her a bitch? In that case she didn't dump him, she died. You can't really call her a bitch for that, exactly...

I'm very confused... Maybe post an explanation?
9/3/2008 c1 1BellazWorld
Oh my gosh. That was so cute, and depressing, tragic, happy, dramatic, terrible, wonderful, happy AND sad story that I have EVER read! I almost cried! WOW that was a goon story! I LOVED IT! I loved how, in the end, Shane figured it out too.

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