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for Snowy Day Dream

12/19/2008 c2 7Illyric
First off dear, it is bored, and not board.

Second, I enjoyed the story. You have very good grammar, and no plot issues. One thing I'll mention in a PM, but other than that, very good.

I think this story is definitely better left as a oneshot, though. Don't add any more; it's perfect the way it is.

As for your other plot idea, coming out of the closet is a great way to start an argument!
11/10/2008 c2 1LapinNoirDeCalifornie
Ahh. )': I'm sorry you work so hard and only get a handful of reviews. It would be great to see this story continued or that other one up.
10/25/2008 c2 1kaitou kid's kaitou girl
i really liked your story and i think it would be awesome if you made a sequl.as for the fighting over ash you should have paul flirt with ash.have reject his advances.gary gets mad and tells paul to get lost.pauls says you don't deserve him you ditched him and went to america without even saying anything.
10/7/2008 c1 Phantom of the Anonymous
9/26/2008 c2 Lo Behold
Well i thought it was good one shot. but you should consider re-writing the story from a point further back in time, and writing a sotry with multiple chapters. and instead of them just rushing into the relationship make it something that grows between them. Dont be afraid to ramble an use LOTS of detail(i dont mean it it like that...for most of the time ;]). The stories that get more reviews are the ones with more chapters.

c: keep up the great work though! also you should consider getting a Beta reader if you do decide to do the multiple chapter story thing. trust me! they are awesome o have! i just love my Beta reader she has saved my life. cx lol

9/15/2008 c2 lowlizah
That was pretty good. I kind of hate the no review thing too. lol
9/14/2008 c1 a pervert
omg this is so cute x3

I laugh out loud when you said that you couldn't stop laughing while writing the lemon xD LMAO

now this is one of my faves fics :P

pretty good lemon :3
9/13/2008 c2 Cased In Darkness
Yaoi: sorry girl, i've always been absent minded

Firefly: that's you're exuse for everything

Yaoi: bulbedia forums were right, there needs to be a big epic battle against gary and paul for ash. sadly that will only happen in fanfictions

Firefly: if you want me to help, i'll help
8/25/2008 c1 randomness123456
Oh most definitely there should be a sequel! This story was so brilliantly described and presented...I want to see more!
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