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12/30/2016 c9 KatriaEnjolras
That was wonderful. That last sentence nearly killed me from happiness. I loved every part of it! Brava!
7/15/2012 c1 160ComingAndGoingByBubble
Lovely story!
Must read on!
9/8/2011 c9 dreamer 3097
a god story
9/16/2010 c9 8ASHtheMUSICALgirl13
I love this ending version of Wicked! The cannon version made me cry for like two days. *snifs* It was a very tragic and twisted ending for poor Elphaba, I like this version better. If you make a sequal to this, I will defenetly review as much as possible.
10/10/2009 c9 1ShortieJ
And that "other story" is now 35 chapters and wonderful! as was this!

10/10/2009 c8 ShortieJ
Good chapter. Going to the next one now...

When you get back from your holiday, you have some reading to do yourself...haha. I've left a lot of reviews for you to look at! =D

10/10/2009 c7 ShortieJ
Aw I love this chapter!

Favorite one so far of the ones that I have read in this story!

Next chapter now...hehe.

10/10/2009 c6 ShortieJ
Good chapter. I'm going to the next one now...

10/10/2009 c5 ShortieJ
Great chapter! Going to the next one now...

10/10/2009 c4 ShortieJ
And he's off to see what in an alternative life (haha, or your other story) his godmother!

10/10/2009 c3 ShortieJ
Everyone gets writers block sometimes...it happens. I remember al too well. It was a good chapter, though. So I'm off to chapter four!

10/10/2009 c2 ShortieJ
Wel...this story seems it shall be AMAZING...just like your other Wicked one...

So now I'm off to chapter three! Hehe =D

10/10/2009 c1 ShortieJ
And off to the rescue they shall go! =D

4/10/2009 c9 1Inkhandedlady
this was real good. the last line almost made me cry... keep writing!
1/30/2009 c9 Elizabeth
Aw how sweet! I liked this one!
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