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for The Dark Knight: Shadows in the Sun

9/23/2008 c11 ItsaMiracle
lol loved it, a dominant/top Bruce is the only way to go!
9/17/2008 c11 6Cap'nGeech
This is really good. I love it. It's very interesting. Keep up the good work!
9/17/2008 c11 XxMechanical.JellyfishxX
Who! Updates! Me likey updates! And it was full of smut! Even better! Please, keep going! Do not stop! I beg of you. Do not leave me hanging. I love you, continue! Bye!
9/17/2008 c11 hornofgondor
I agree with that other reviewer: Wow. :)
9/17/2008 c11 13Thebobthing
Aw...I was kinda hoping Gordon would top, and bruce would be all submissive fer once...
9/16/2008 c11 65DXRULES103
Wow. That's about it. Wow.
9/14/2008 c10 XxMechanical.JellyfishxX
*sniffle* you have not updated recently. Please do it. I crave more of the story. Please? thanks! bye!
9/13/2008 c10 26Sinkme
hey- really like your story so far. i love that gordon is so important to the plot- i dont think he gets enough credit in nolans movies. love your joker as well!
9/7/2008 c1 The Demented Darling
Fantastic story, m'dear. You must update! Before I send Mistah J to... rip out your spleen!

Joker: I'm in Arkham, you fool!

Me: And? That never stopped you before!

Joker: Besides, why would I want to rip out her spleen? I'm a psycho, not a sadist!

Me: ... You're kinda both, y'know.

*bickering continues*
9/3/2008 c7 hornofgondor
I'm glad you fixed it. This was a fun chapter.
9/2/2008 c10 3Dark Fires
Amazing, as always :) Update soon please, I can't wait for more Bruce/Gordan moments!
9/2/2008 c10 5Black Sorceress
Wow! Damn it, I love this! Love vulnerable Bruce too! *cackles* Great thing with the Gordon/Bruce pairing, btw, I love it - can't wait to read more, so update again soon please!
9/1/2008 c10 20TenshiNanashi
aw. They relived that night when Bruce's parents were murdered, that's tragic but kind of touching...

Wow, Gordon and Bruce practically outing themselves to the police. If I were those officers I would be wondering about the relationship between the two of them.

Great job.
9/1/2008 c10 Basia Orci
You did a nice portrayal of the Joker.

I really like this fic. Keep on writing!
9/1/2008 c9 hornofgondor
This is spectacular! Love it! So exciting. Can't wait for more. :)

I just have a question about chapter 7 and 8 - are they supposed to be the same? It didn't seem to skip around anywhere, but just in case...
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