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for The Dark Knight: Shadows in the Sun

8/27/2008 c4 65DXRULES103
OH, wow! Amazing. Keep it up.
8/27/2008 c3 3Dark Fires
This is amazing! Keep it up!

I love the revelation, I particularly like that you didn't drag it out for like 10 chapters like some authors would have :)
8/27/2008 c3 65DXRULES103
Whoa Bruce told him.

Love the way you write this. Keep it up.
8/27/2008 c3 26Lizella
i do like this story. way too few Gordon stories out there! hope you keep on going as dramatic as possible.
8/26/2008 c3 hornofgondor
Wow, that was a quick update. Hooray! Very good chapter...I really like Bruce's response when he realizes Gordon knows about his alter ego.
8/26/2008 c2 hornofgondor
Very enjoyable. I can't wait to read more.
8/26/2008 c2 Serenaturner
I'm intrigued, I like the way you had him figure it out even when he didn't want to.

8/25/2008 c2 10KnightGuardian
This was everything i could have hoped for and some on the side...simple perfect, i cannot wait to see how things progress!
8/25/2008 c2 1MonicaOP
Oh I loved this, not only Alfred is always amazing but Bruce managed to get everything in the right tone for Gordon to get some rest!

And Gordon, he knows! Just like that, I love it, I have always thought that he knew in the comics, he just didn't wanted to make it clear.

I want more please! Be well :)
8/25/2008 c1 Jovial Reader

Gordon is commissioner of awesomness.
8/25/2008 c1 10KnightGuardian
"Shadwos in the Sun" this was a spectacular title, very catchy and innovative! There are so so few Bruce/Jim fics out there that my heart races whenever I can scrounge up one of two and I must say this one did not disapoint.

It was perfect how you blend Bruce and Batman in Gordon's eyes, how its a slow working to the inevitable, I also love how Gordon "did not!" want to know who Batman is, and yet finds out despite himself. I think he can handle it!

Everything here was laid out with such miniscule detain that I cannot help but to hopewishpraydream for more. This was trully the makings of not only a awesome "coms. gordon finds out who batmans is" story but a exceptionally well thought out laision of sorts between the two, I hesitate to say what they are, or what they will be, I leave that to you, but I must say that I am going to be hoping for more.

Keep going.

8/24/2008 c1 1MonicaOP
This looks amazing, but please tell me this is not going to be slash, Gordon and Bruce are great as a team but only as a team please!

Other than that I truly enjoyed this, I hope you write more, be well :)
8/24/2008 c1 3Dark Fires
OMG! Finally, and thank you! I've been looking for a good Gordan/Bruce story for a while now, but no one seems to be writing them. And this one seems to be really good :) Keep going I like it!
8/24/2008 c1 hornofgondor
I like it a lot and look forward to more soon. :)
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