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9/21/2009 c1 WriterInTraining713
This is great! I may have to do one of my own now...
6/5/2009 c7 restinpace
Well these seem fun, maybe I should do one.
12/25/2008 c7 41MBP
My eyes are all blurry now after that last one, so it's going to be hard to go back to the beginning, but I think I can manage it...

1) This was a beautiful little glimpse of what it must have been like for James and Lily back then (and I LOVED the song that went along with it.)

2) Oh, Tonks and Lupin... I can absolutely see this being the way they got together officially. She's such a fire cracker. He needed her; there's no doubt about that.

3) This was also beautiful. It really does show the way they'll move on eventually and be ok because they're together. Life will never be the way it once was, but it can still go on.

4) Oh, the end of this was like a slap in the face... you make us feel how Susan feels in that initial shocking moment of recognition...

5) I loved seeing this through David's point of view. I loved the way he appreciated Susan for many reasons, one of which being that she made it ok for him to talk about his brother... I would love that to be a Moments chapter, by the way. I'm a fan of this relationship. Hey, if JKR could make George marry Angelina, there is NOTHING wrong with Susan and David.

6) That "one sparkling night at seventeen" line gave me chills and made me want to cry... it just shows how pre-Battle, they all lives such a different life and could never have imagined that this was how their futures would be.

7) This is the one that made me absolutely cry, and looking at it again makes me continue to well up. I love Neville; I love Hannah, and I can't think of ANYONE who deserves a whole family more than Neville Longbottom. I am so glad you gave one to him. Thank you.

8) I am so glad I got to these at last. It's about time, I'd say.
12/25/2008 c6 MBP
Oh, these are all just BRILLIANT. I feel so bad that it took me so long to finally get to them!

1) This was such a perfect song! Poor Molly... sending Ginny off to Hogwarts had to be just awful for her, moreso than the rest, I'm sure.

2) Wow did this one hurt. I can't imagine how you got so much raw grief into just a few paragraphs. I hardly even remember who Susan Bones was, but I wanted to hug her so badly here.

3) Oh, I love Lee. I love how much he loves Alicia. This one is just so sweet.

4) This one made me ache, especially the moment where Alicia recognizes the evidence of George's tears. :( But I'm so glad she finally realized how wonderful Lee actually was. He deserves to be happy (and so does she).

5) Oh, Terry. :( I want to hug him; I want to hate Padma... but you make her pain so real, too. Things like this are hard for everyone...

6) I felt the same way about this one as I did for the last one, and I loved the way you chose to show this breakup through the lens of the talk afterward with the twins. I love the way you capture THEIR relationship, too.

7) I love Seamus. I love how he can't just be partisan. He really is a good person. Lavender's so lucky.
12/12/2008 c7 43WeAreTomorrow
yes, /yes/, YES!

i had hoped you would be mentioning david again and you havn't let me down!

*grins* as good as it gets(like always)...
12/11/2008 c7 LilysMommy
The scene between Neville & Hannah was beautiful.

And the whole Susan/David thing is...different, but not impossible to see. After all, George & Angelina are together in cannon.
12/9/2008 c7 FinnFiona
well that's definitely an interesting idea... I wouldn't say it bothers me persay but it is a touch odd. But love can't always be explained right? :) you know- even though in my mind (and I think in your universe) angelina and fred weren't all that much more than friends and thus not as much like susan and ernie but perhaps some kind of conversation there could be interesting... Anyhow-all very enjoyable and well written as usual- very nice
12/8/2008 c7 Jess.91
It actually works. Well, to say Ernie's brother and his ex sounds a bit weird, but with a story, a background, it does work. The coincidence of them meeting sort of adds a meant-to-be kind of feeling to it. I love the story there.

Great chapter, as usual.
12/7/2008 c7 178Ramzes
I think that David and Susan's parts were my absolute favourites. I like how it took them so much time to get over what happened, for of course it should be hard! Loving and losing someone isn't a bed of roses, is it? Neville and Hannah bit was just sweet. Keep writing!
12/7/2008 c7 taylorxxsue
It's actually quite interesting..

and reasonable. I like it!

Great job.

12/7/2008 c7 9melissaeverlasting
No, I really like that, actually! And again, you have such a talent for giving life to static characters from the books that it astounds me. Wonderful job!

11/25/2008 c6 taylorxxsue



(I loved the songs in this chapter!)
11/25/2008 c6 98Jess.91
I love this story - the moments after the war are great to read, since we got none in the book. Saying that, I think the first one was my favourite out of this lot. But the emotions were all written perfectly, and I loved them all.
11/24/2008 c6 FinnFiona
Ah, lovely...! I'm still really enjoying the little glimpses we're getting of all of the secondary characters... Sometimes I have a hard time keeping everything perfectly straight, to be honest, but they are all just so full of emotion and what feels like truth... The one with Susan was exceptionally powerful-that teddy...! You really know how to pull at our heartstrings... I hate that he had to die, though of course it *is* realistic. But to be so drawn-out... how horrible for them all. Anyhow, really great-can't wait for more!
11/24/2008 c6 178Ramzes
This chapter was the most amazing one so far. I hate seeing them all so broken, but I suppose they should be like this, right? You know, it started so... normally, with Molly and Arthur being sad for Ginny's departing. And then you go and do this! I am not sure who got the worst of it. Maybe my vote will be for Dean (who isn't even present in this chapter, isn't it strange?). I especially liked the Alicia/Lee parts. They were very well written and I'm glad that at least SOMEONE had a happy end!

Update soon!
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