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for Beyond A Dream's Kiss

4/12/2015 c8 jessaminego5134
Love this story very much... one of my fav
12/12/2013 c8 10MitsukaiYuki
Although, I kind of... sort of... don't like some of the previous chapters, the ending is definitely amazing. Quite moving actually. Especially some lines. :))
6/28/2012 c8 1DaGurlxPam-pam
I like your thinking and your imagination... You really have a wild imagination... I am amazed by the way you make your story... But I think, in my opinion, there's still something missing...
8/26/2010 c8 4Airakit
awwwwwww kawaiiiii
8/3/2009 c8 Princessblue97
Great story!So does that mean Natsume and mikan was together and always?
6/3/2009 c7 2april17me
6/3/2009 c1 april17me
6/3/2009 c8 15minahoru

It's so sad..


Why didn't you put the reply of Mikan?

Uwaah I'm so sad!

See~ Even if I'm super busy these days

I still read your story =))

I'm going to read you new story

on September since I'm not busy after UPCAT~

Thanks and you are welcome Nina!

^_= chuu!

5/31/2009 c8 2angels cry018
i love this story... NXM 4ver!
5/17/2009 c7 15minahoru
Now, that's my imotou!

How can you say that it's not good?

It is really good, you know?

Gahh. Please work on your chapter 8, and please faster.

xD I wonder what's the ending?


Be sure to improve you writing skills okies?

When I get back from my busy days, I want to see my imotou's improvement!


Love you lots, Nina!

Also, thanks for supporting me in my stories~

^_= chuu!

5/17/2009 c6 minahoru
Great! So this is the poem that you asked me about last time.

Your descriptions have improved, a little.

But that doesn't mean you won't be able to improve a LOT.

Practice, dear. Just practice and always read other fictions.

Practicing won't hurt you, right?

Now, let's see. Hm...

Oh right, I can't wait to see the next chapter hahahaha!

^_= chuu!

5/14/2009 c7 yoshinoya
nice one. plese update faster. thnx
5/12/2009 c6 anonymous
is this the last chapter already i like this story so much please write more!
5/12/2009 c6 vampireyuki
when you said that Hyuuga's enemy was the one that he(hyuuga)thought was harmless I thought 'Is Narumi its totaly Narumi'

and when I ended the chapter I thought 'I was Right' no lies.

P.S. I didn't cheat
4/6/2009 c6 1YingYang890
Okay! I'll tune in for more of your stories!
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