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3/8/2009 c3 cherryblossom192
its so sad that you haven't updated this in so long please update soon. don't let a great story go to waste :(
9/28/2008 c4 Sonozaki Mion-chan
OMG UPDATE SOON! that wuz short but it was great! much love for this story! and listening to "Saigo no Kijitsu" on my ipod helped me get into that scene better ^^ great job
9/27/2008 c4 4chibi angelle
wow, that was pretty angst, but heartrendingly short =( make it longer next time, will ya? nothing happened.. ish
9/15/2008 c3 Sonozaki Mion-chan
OMG! YAY COOKIES! (eats them) and i loved this chapter! poor Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun! i feel the same sometimes. those two deserve a happy ending more than anyone i know! especially in tsubasa chronicle. CLAMP is angsting them to death, aren't they?
9/15/2008 c3 chainedheart999
Wow^^ they are really a couple! Even the word they said was the same LOL of course, it is you who made them say the same thing^^ Mystery... ARGH! So many mysteries^^ ~grin~ Why did Fa do that? Please update asap anyway^^ as I really want to know what will happen despite of lots of work to do LOL
9/15/2008 c2 chainedheart999
So sad... Stupid Sakura! I don't think that Fa will let them live at the end. Wonder from where this Fa comes. Can you make a story explaining about Fa?^^ Please? XD
9/15/2008 c1 chainedheart999
You are a very fan of CCS, aren't you?^^ For making the story so detail based on movie 2 ^^
9/14/2008 c3 chibi angelle


8/31/2008 c1 2hybridvenom
hey, i don't actually have any opinions 4 ur story, but i wud lyk 2 read it... X3

the summary is nice... makes me curious... XP

Please write the story k? i'll be sendin ya reviews k?

Cherie Blossom...XD

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