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4/18/2011 c2 Bloodyrose
Loved your story! It was sooo sweet and cute! It would be sooo funny if Sesshomaru actually said " Oh My God!" I would laugh my but off! Anyways great fanfic! :D
8/28/2008 c2 lynn9803
I like this one as well. Nice job. Thank you.
8/28/2008 c1 zertions
AW! i know this sounds really stupid but, it made me feel all fluffy inside ^_^
8/28/2008 c1 Kagome Lady of Darkness
Awesome work! I really really loved it!
8/28/2008 c1 13Alternative Angel
Oh, I'd LOVE to see what's going through Sesshoumaru's head during the mating ceremony.

This was so cute and romantic.

The way you managed to fit humor and seriousness into it speaks of skill.
8/28/2008 c1 lynn9803
I like it. I have to say I would also like to know what Sesshomaru was thinking.
8/28/2008 c1 kouga's older woman
Very cute! I would love to know what Sesshy was

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