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1/9/2022 c2 history of mysterious nc
part of ending soon please
4/7/2010 c1 Interesting first chapter
I love the opening paragraph; especially the imagery of light with the sun and light of determination. Certainly off to an interesting start, family slaughtered, confessions of love, great foundations for the rest of the chapters. Just don't give away too much :). So far so good and can't wait to see where it is going.
1/15/2010 c2 Loonalily
D: She didn't tell them about the count! Dun dun dun.

Looking forward to the next chapter! Update soon!
11/25/2008 c2 46Master of the Boot
I have to say that this is a great way to get the ball rolling. Old friends meet and new friends are made. What I enjoyed most was how Dracula submitted to Mr. Q. He wouldn't do that unless he had something planned later.

It has been a long time since update, but I'm glad just the same.


Master of teh Boot
8/29/2008 c1 Master of the Boot
I find this version to be a most fascinating departure from Van Helsing. I think that this show deserves to go on.

Go forth with my blessing


Master of the Boot

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