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12/25/2008 c1 luv-edward cullen-forever
MAN i luv edward so much i wish hes there when i get hyper which is moslty everyday merry xams nice story :P
9/23/2008 c6 11inkypinkyanna
w-o-w, and it'd be kl if ya did a sequal.

pwetty pwease with edward and a cherry on top, watch out, i think te ice cream is falling, u may have to lick it, and would you like some root beer with that?


9/17/2008 c6 1yumi2482
9/16/2008 c6 2infiniteheadaches
oh wow! hahahah! wow! i wa really starting to worry about bella there!
9/16/2008 c6 3tw-i-see-light
what was edwards face like...ahah funnay though
9/15/2008 c6 8neonlion
this was the cutest most random story i've ever read amazing job!
9/15/2008 c6 Miss FHorn
i so knew it!
9/15/2008 c5 3tw-i-see-light
Uh-Oh...cant wait
9/15/2008 c5 3piratehannelore
TOO FUNNY. Sad thing is, that kind of stuff happens at my house all the TIME. Its funny. Can't wait for the therapist. Cheers!
9/15/2008 c5 AlyssaLynn12
gr im never patient so post it soon!
9/15/2008 c3 3alexandralee13
that was a little offenize at the end cuz im emo
9/15/2008 c5 squody3015
Ha! This cracks me up! Please write more, from all the tear-jerker drama Twilight fanfics everyone needs a bit of Twilight humour! XD
9/15/2008 c1 JoeJonasisHot
haha this is really good. High on sugar lol good one
9/10/2008 c4 11inkypinkyanna
lol, who'd of thought addicted to pixy stcks! haha!

i wonder if Alice maybe Jasper should be the therapist...


update soon pwetty pwease with a cherry, and edward on top

9/8/2008 c4 3tw-i-see-light
take her to his eyes
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