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for Together Until The End Of Time

7/1/2016 c2 Luckyduckylulu
OMG bastion and skitty cracked me up
5/22/2013 c14 Kye Kurosaki
I hope you can make another chapter of this soon. I like it so much. It's really good even without the duels in it. ( ω )
7/20/2011 c14 4maria-pens
[WARNING: Intimadatingly long review ahead-brace yourself!]

Even though this ain't a Chapter, I'm still excited for the update. I've been reading this story even before I got a actual account on here (my apologies for not properly reviewing before this!). Or, maybe I did review...Meh, it's irrelevent now.

I'm definitely looking forward to the rewrite! This was the first crossover I ever read-and despite the rusty grammar I stuck around. Now I'm confident I made the right descicion!

The preview for the new re-written story certainly piques my interest. The reason for her (May) being in some Alternate Universe sounds much more plausible, and I have a feeling that the plot won't get too confusing or muddled if you approach May's arrival in a different way.

I must confess something: I am in love with pairing May with Jaden. I have this obsession with crack shippings, and your story sparked this love, no, OBSESSION with pairing May Maple with almost anyone. In fact, I came real close to writing my own crossover fanfic featuring Duel Academy and May, but stopped because I didn't want to be stealing your idea. (Sorry! ^/^')

Anyways, I hope you keep the romance alive!

And I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment of this story. It's got promise!

Until then,

8/8/2010 c13 Haruka3
I know its been awhile since you last posted that apology chapter, and even longer since your last story update. But I'm hoping you still read reviews for this story.

I don't have a FF account. So I can't message you personally. Or beta your story.

So I'm hoping you get to read this. Brace yourself, it's quite lengthy! :)

I really loved your story! Really, I truly did. It's a shame it was put on a hiatus. Do you know how long I was searching for a crossover fic with May in it? Well, it was long. I was so happy when I found your fic.

I realized pretty fast that I was reading something so well-written and. . . well I guess your story was so, um, impacting you could say; that once I had a dream about it! Wierd, I know. Kind of an embarassing thing to share. ^/^

But your work is pretty awesome. I haven't watched GX in forever, but after the first chapter I took a brief break from the story to refresh my memory of Jaden and co.

I hope you're close to reaching your goal of perfecting your writing. Please don't rush and only do a half-ass job, but... I don't want to wait forever. ^_^;;

If you've made it this far and not fallen asleep, Congratulations! Thanks for sticking through this really long review. I appreciate it! :)
7/23/2010 c2 3Rayquaza45
Nice job.
6/22/2010 c13 echic24
Oh please please please continue this! I reaaalllyyy like the story. I want to see it continued. Please consider my review. :'(
6/18/2010 c13 ABC
4/30/2010 c13 Rosylee
Totally understand, when i read back my older stories, i'm like "bleh, how could i have written this?" but i get that you want to improve, so i'll gather every spare scarp of pacience i posses and wait for you to be ready. :D
4/29/2010 c13 1wilkiswilk
Aww, on hiatus?

The first thought when I saw the 'update alert' was "Yay, update!" which quickly changed into "Oh no" when I saw the chapter title. I'm happy to see that it'll still be continued I suppose, but the word 'hiatus' is never a good thing if you are the reader.

Well, I guess I'll just wait...
4/20/2010 c6 echic24
It's been awhile since I watched GX, but this story sounded too good to pass up. I love when May/Haruka is involved in crossovers! :) Thanks for writing this. I know its 2010 and its been awhile since your last update, but I just can't stop reading! Maybe you'll see my review and start writing again. Hehe, big hopes?
12/21/2009 c12 1himeko63
YAY! new chappie and i really love it! i love how zane was acting all weird and how protective jaden was of may! this update really made my day thank u for letting me know! awesome as always please try your best to update and continue really soon =D!

12/20/2009 c12 7starpowerness
Nice, do worth the wait!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

12/20/2009 c12 1wilkiswilk
Oh, this story just keeps getting wackier and wackier...in a good way! Happy Zane freaks me out...

Ah, the often-used share-a-room thing! You find one in every...maybe 50 romance stories! Well, romance fanfictions.

Great chapter! Loved it!

12/7/2009 c11 wilkiswilk
Oh. So you are alive! Yay! That chapter was short, but hey, it's an update!

It's not a bird but a...Zane? Am I the only one confused here...?

Anyways, great to know that you're still alive. Update soon!

11/30/2009 c11 Rhia-Donna-San
Yay, you updated! ;D *throws mini party* It was good, and i love the emoticon idea you got going on!

Can't wait for more! ;)
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