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for I write sins not tragedies

6/5/2009 c7 Shinjiru Kokoro
BAH! Man... being away from fanfiction these last few months has seriously deprived me of a disgusting amount of really good updates. Such as yours.


I loved this. Every single freaking word. Seriously. Ha-now I'm just waiting for you to get started on a TDI fic... ;)

At the start of each chapter I would wonder how you would possibly connect the sin to the character, and whether or not I had my own idea fragmented in an attempt to portray what I thought, you consistently blew me away with your conveying and writing. It was quite a lovely read, if I do say so myself. =D

I loved Rachel's-the humor of the situation correlated with her actual personality was a brilliant juxtaposition of her characterization. And Gar is just too cute for words. Teen Titans will forever be one of my weaknesses... -sigh- I still don't understand why they didn't continue on with the seasons. Such a shame...

Anyway! I just want to congratulate you on a job extremely well done! Your writing and skills are a definite breath of fresh air within the confines of the bad grammar that pollutes this site more frequently than is necessary. Unfortunately, we must continue to sift through the bad for more pieces of excellence like this. It does make everything worth it in the end. :)

I can't wait to see where your inspirations take you next!

~Eagerly Awaiting

1/27/2009 c7 36Little Miss Juliet
Ha! I finally finished it! Yay!

Pie huh? Cool! I actually hate pie, but it's a story, so...yeah...

I'm glad I got to finish this! Hope to read more of your work.
1/27/2009 c4 Little Miss Juliet
Ack! Again, two chapters...

I like these...especially the Kitten Moth one. That girl scares me sometimes...
1/26/2009 c2 Little Miss Juliet
Crap. I hate reviewing a completed story in the middle (or in this case, the second chapter) because I have to get off the computer.

I don't care. Both these chapter are great and I bet the next five chapters are awsome as well.
1/3/2009 c2 buzzbee111
Lol... but didn't you steal that "Your alright kid?" from iCarly?
1/3/2009 c7 115mythica magic
hahaha, gar makes me laugh! ur very welcome! and im saying it agine! this chapturws awsem! update soon!x
1/3/2009 c7 7BerryDrops
How weird is this; just yesturday I was reading this story and I wondered when you were gonna update and now you have! Weird huh?

Officially one of my favourite stories! Congratulations.

I don't know which was my favourite chapter cause they were all so good, I mean this story was mixed with all my favourite things comedy, romance, a bit of drama and no spelling mistakes!

Gar is so cute- gettin all awkward with Terra, aw! And finally no Rach-Rav/Gar! Woo.

And happy new years to you! I hope you write some more cause I really enjoy reading your stuff.
1/2/2009 c7 3TerraMichelle101
OMG Loved it! Specially the last one! So cute!
12/25/2008 c6 115mythica magic
please continue! this was awsem!x
11/25/2008 c6 23loveyourbiggestfan
This came kind of late, sorry. ):

Anyway, I loved this one alot. I also loved how you potrayed each character in this. Can't choose a favorite, but I guess I'll have to decide by the next chapter. xD

Update soon !

- Trish
11/21/2008 c5 Allspark
the rich boy part was a little unfactual. robin is rich,too.
11/20/2008 c1 6Allspark
I think it would be better if Dick wasn't such a jerk.
11/19/2008 c6 4liliac gurl
WOW ...i love the whole concept you have going here XD
11/19/2008 c6 7BerryDrops
Haha what a funny chapter. It's amazing how you involved so many characters in just one chapter.

It annoys me when everyone has Xavier Red as Red X and not Jason Todd.

Raven's face at Garth; priceless. Awesome story, one more chapter to go. The wait was worth while.
10/11/2008 c5 23loveyourbiggestfan
Aw, the ending was awesome! YAY KARMA!

Great chappie, I loved how Kory finally got back at her greedy sister at the end there. (: Can't wait 'til you update this again!

And sorry for a pretty short review. Dx

- Trish
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