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for An Objective Approach

5/10/2016 c1 Gianna di Fiori
Oh, this was adorable! It was steamy and sweet, just like I would have expected for Charlie and Amita.
8/27/2012 c1 miss-tarletone
Very well written! I loved it!
5/26/2012 c1 ColoursandBubbles
I liked this. I found it realstic and written at a good pace.

10/9/2011 c1 50Your Worshipfulness
Ah, the math department...the least libidinous place on campus. Riiiight.

~Your Worshipfulness
5/3/2011 c1 7TakeAWhackAtIt
Oh, this was absolutely fantastic. Your characterizations were totally spot on and I loved the banter you had between the two of them. Sweet and hot and completely wonderful.
8/30/2010 c1 Ann Onymous
quite honestly, this is one of the best numb3rs fics i've ever read. the dialogue between the characters was so clever and convincing, it was almost like i was still watching the show! the way you worked in all the characters' little quirks, and the little descriptive details you added in were incredible. plus, and i must be honest here, the love scene was SO INCREDIBLY HOT! and it was cool how you cut it out before it got too graphic (my inner smut-monger wasn't pleased, but it doesn't seem like charlie and amita to have their sex lives described with a bunch of lurid prose). your way was better. i'd say five gold stars and a commemorative lime-green fluted bowl for you! bravo!
1/3/2010 c1 153Rinne
Wonderful. And of course I've read your fic before, you're on my flist. ;-) Two very different names you have.
11/1/2008 c1 3CryptoSquirrel
Oh my goodness! This was beautiful! I just started reading NUMB3RS fanfic tonight, and this made me so happy! I love Charlie and Amita, and I think this was a really well-done portrayal of them. Nice work! :)
10/8/2008 c1 22Robin and Marian 4ever
i really liked this. You have the two down pat:) the funny thing is I literally just finished watching this ep. so it was great to see a continuation of it
9/2/2008 c1 26Pink Blackberry Girl
Aw, I really loved that story, great job!
9/1/2008 c1 29Ms.GrahamCracker
Nicely done. I thought the characters were spot on perfect with the tv show and I like how you used the scene in Waste Not to set this up. It's so like them to use an objective approach, isn't it?

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