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3/27/2013 c1 9Daeril Ullothwen
What! Only 6 reviews! *shakes head*
Well done. This is awesome.
7/18/2012 c1 27Purestrongpoem
Funny. True, being a parent is hard. And no, I not that old if you think I was.
5/8/2009 c1 23Destined Darkness
lol rovee i love that show um any way kwl story lol it so reminds me of my pesky little cusens and me having to baby sit them i swear i didnt get an ounce of sleep until 3 days later when there parents returned me and my Older cousin (just by six months) had been kicking each other out of bed every 2 seconds it got so annoing
11/15/2008 c1 4Sabby87
It's cute and brilliant!

We definitely need some funny stories about these two ^^
10/1/2008 c1 15Lady Elrayen
yeah! that was really sweet and funny! :) i love the way you portrayed Arwen and Aragorn having a 'normal' marriage, where she kicks him out after his little comment! loved it! see you at your next stories mellon-nin :) x
9/18/2008 c1 Lady Ambreanna
You left out how he felt about being turned into a zombie. VERY funny!
9/4/2008 c1 68Calenlass Greenleaf

/Arwen reached over, grabbed the blankets that were being taken from her, and pulled. Aragorn jerked in response to the sudden rush of cold air, and Arwen raised both her feet and kicked her husband onto the floor./

LOL-poor Aragorn.

/“I love you very much, ion-nin (my son),” he said. “But Ada (dad) is very sleepy, and he would like to have a good night’s sleep. And he can’t, because he keeps having to get up for you! So Ada and Nana (mum) are very sad, because they can’t sleep. So would you please, please be quiet? I’ve asked you nicely.”

Aragorn must be even more tired than he thought. There was no way Eldarion could understand him. But it was worth a try, if it gave him even a few hours’ sleep./

*snickers* Picturing this in my mind makes it all the funnier. :)


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