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for Another Stargate

9/28/2008 c4 1JimBeamer5
An interesting idea. Keep it up, well done!
9/16/2008 c4 toomuchcaf
Good to see them back where they belong. The only bit confusing was the part where Sam was trying to shut down the equipment, then suddenly Jacks' injured. I floundered for a second there :D A line break will fix that with no worries.

I'd love to found out why the Hart family is using the Stargate on the sly from the Government. And I'm wondering why Hammond hasn't mentioned it's in Oz. Kinsey wouldn't be so eager to "interrogate" Jo if he knew she's an Aussie (but then again, he probably would. Don't like him at all).
9/16/2008 c3 toomuchcaf
I love the idea of another Stargate in Australia (probably I'm biased, I'm from the NT). And this plot has me intrigued. Australia has been going through the galaxy a lot longer? And has joined forces with the Jaffa? Where have all the other females and children gone? What did Jo see on the planet she was dialing from? So many questions! I'm looking forward to reading the updates, and finding out more :D Oh, better mention I like how you've explained the second gates existence without being noticed before, as well as how the teams got mixed up :D (not that I have a clue how they worked the two in the TV series anyway, it's been a while since I watched it, but it sounds good)

Darn, this is a long comment. Promise they won't be so long in future :D
9/3/2008 c3 25Eternal Density
hmm, rearranging the crystals to change address is a new one. I guess it works well enough for purposes of the story.

in my story, a character theorises that multiple nearby wormholes in the opposite direction might cause them to swap destinations to form the shortest possible paths (i.e. Earth connecting to itself) or alternatively, cause a rip in subspace and release a burst of energy into normal space. which would be bad :P
9/2/2008 c2 Eternal Density
intriguing plot idea. I've had some ideas myself about the second stargate being in Australia (hidden under Uluru) though my idea was that only Daniel goes through and he doesn't know he's on Earth and people think he's been out in the sun too much...

The idea of two matter streams getting tangled is an interesting one. I've played with the idea of multiple wormholes open on Earth at the same time in one of my fics, though mine were in opposite directions rather than both incoming.

Hope to see more,


p.s. thanks for mentioning me. Also, you wrote "instead of Joe" instead of "instead of Jo". Easy mistake to make (I've made much worse in my fics!).

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