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for Zettai Draco! Absolute Draco!

5/7/2013 c2 whateva
i guess sensei is a weasley? btw im an author but im not logged in right now i am GoddessOfSweetness-Me
12/7/2012 c3 4Spirit09
Was not expecting that O.O I was sure Ron was onii-san and Cedric was a helper but when he said Akage I knew that meant redhair so I was confused. It was a hilarouse fic and I loved it. And the thing at the end where Cedric says 'I hate Twilight' I laughed my but of cuz the actor that plays Cedric plays Edward in Twilight and if that was intentional, then you my friend are a genius. If not, then there you go, somthing funny. Imma stop blabbering on now so, Ciao ;o)
11/8/2011 c3 Im so sorry I was a freak
this makes me pity the boys a little and makes me proud to be a yaoi fangirl anyway great story and i just knew it was cedric anyway update soon
8/20/2010 c3 58Rice-Ball247
OMFG! I got Cedric and Percy haha but didn't expect Cho! Ooh I LOVE LOVE LOVE UKE!Harry with every seme out there, esp seme!Draco. Have you read 'Flying' by Vorbiza (sp? I can't remember it's been MONTHS, but it's a threesome with seme!Draco/uke!Harry/seme/semuke!Blaise)? AHHHH! fangirl moment yay!
8/20/2010 c2 Rice-Ball247
For a sec there, I thought that Sensei was like, Cedric, but then you said Onii-san, and then mentioned Ron, so perhaps one of the Weasley bros? Percy? Bahaha! Or maybe the twins... Charlie, Bill...

Colin and Dennis Creevey should be a part of CWD/AH lol
7/22/2010 c3 34YokaiPup
Amusing. This story seems to have been well-planned and accurately descibes most boy's reaction to such things...(aka yaoi) *Evil grin* I love how you dragged Percy into this.

7/8/2010 c3 3SolarDarkStar
This has been the most amazing, funny and hilarious parody I have ever read. Your use of hiding the characters was excellent! I never thought Cedric Diggory was the culprit. That was really clever, I didn't even think about him, my guess was that it was Snape! Sometimes though, I find the story a bit confusing as there are to many people talking at once and there are no people indicated after/before the speech. But all in all, it is an awesome story and I would read it again and again.
7/8/2010 c2 SolarDarkStar
I was laughing so hard as I read this chapter, btw, did you put comics there instead of manga because they didn't know what it was really called or was it because you forgot?
7/8/2010 c1 SolarDarkStar
This is a really funny story and it should be made into a manga :D lol!
7/2/2010 c3 AlaeaMori
Too lazy to log in...I realise this was posted ages ago but just so you know i found this highly entertaining, Cedric was obvious enough, even Hermione and Ron's involvment, though naturally i didn't guess Percy in this, and totally overlooked Cho. I had to google some of the character names since I've never heard of them, but it was funny to note what made them similar to the HP characters, overall good fic
6/11/2010 c3 PsychicOtter

'...Snape was less inclined as to know what was going to happen and powerless to stop it.'


Cedric: ...at what I will next reveal.

Snape: You're expelled!

Cedric: ...Darn. T.T

See? You're not powerless after all, Snape! =D

'"...even now as you stand there untied."'

Kay: Untied? Are they usually tied up or something?

Sana: Kinkyyyy.

'...oh he had not even considered that but now that he thought about it, it was obvious that he was upset at himself for not realizing before.'

Kay: Obvious that he was upset with himself, or obvious that it was Hermione? O.o
6/10/2010 c3 8Psychic Otter
'The boys rejoiced in the RoR (Room of Requirement)...'

Kay: If you are going to write Room of Requirement, why write RoR...?

'...boys dancing and drinking and swearing...'

Kay: Where does swearing fit in there?

'"Wonder if we can manage to make physical violence moot too, sir. I wonder how moot we could make a massive Fan-Girl slaughter and how moot their pain filled screams would be."'

Sana: Dennis go bye-bye.

Kay: I think you meant italics, not bold. XD Could be wrong though, I guess.

'All the boys were brought together all houses became one all became friends.'

Sana & Kay: NEEDS PUNCTUATION. Fail. .

Kay: But a funny fail.

'One will be clawed, or at the very least, never seen from again.'

Sana: I think never being seen from again would be at MOST. I would rather be clawed. =/

...To be continued
6/7/2010 c2 Psychic Otter
'...because all of his hair gel had been stolen too this only cinched it.'

Sana: Cinched what? o.O

'"OMIGAWH his hair is just like Night-Kun's! He looks just like Night -Kun!"'

Sana & Kay: Except he doesn't. At all. =/

'He'd never made it to class quite so quickly in all of his life while blushing...'

Kay: Is he usually slower while blushing? =P

Sana: That is one weird, long sentence in general. .

'He was holding a trowel looking confused.'

Sana & Kay: Squeeeeee!

Kay: Sexeh bishie alert!

'"I'm a sexually unrestrained robot in love with a flat chested head case who reminds me of a less intelligent Granger."'

Sana: How does he know ALL THAT from FLIPPING THROUGH IT? .

'Draco only knew what it was because he took muggle studies...'

Sana & Kay: Why would DRACO MALFOY take muggle studies? EVER?

'Draco and Harry could only star with fish like...'

Kay: I find the words star and fish so close together to be ironically amusing.

'...the longish choppy waves of crow black hair that looked less greasy then usual.'

Kay: NO! They washed it! WHY?

Sana: Curse you, shampoo!

'"He thinks he looks hideous?" Potter said in disbelief.'


'"He's a handsome bloke and if I were attracted to older men trapped in younger bodies I would-" But Draco had leaned forward and smacked a hand over Finnigan's mouth.'


'He really was all too innocent, it was a shock that he survived this long.'


'And again…Ron sneezed.'

Sana & Kay: It's either Dumbledore or Ron. Or Cedric. Or...someone.

Funny chapter, once again. =DD
6/6/2010 c1 Psychic Otter
"But back to the drilling that the uncomfortable girl was getting, a Hufflepuff apparently, who looked like she smeared red paint onto her cheeks. Ah yes, the humiliation was lovely."


"There was silence amongst the girls, hushed almost ominous. Ron sneezed."

Sana: WHY?

'"All we know is that their leader is among the Hufflepuff."'

Sana: Is the Hufflepuff a wild animal that I should be aware of?

'"Then they must be stopped!"'

Kay: Wow, I totally just had a Galaxy Quest flashback!

'"...you who will grace the diluted fantasies of these girls's minds?"'

Sana: They don't seem diluted to me at all. They seem rather...um, undiluted.

'"...Harry gapped as Draco's head made a neck braking turn.."'

Kay: No! Don't die Draco! No neck...braking... turns of your perfect head!

Sana: gap-ped?

"I had been a long coming-the one shot but totally worth it."


We loved it, it was fun, but get a beta. =DDDD
3/14/2010 c3 1ConorOberst63
Wow... that was seriously random XD I liked all the anime/manga references and when the fangirls dressed all the guys up in various Watase manga cosplay! (Aw-w-w-w, Ron as Tasuki!)

Yep, that amused me very much, it was great!

- purplerawr
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