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5/8/2009 c14 23Destined Darkness
hi so ah what happened and i cant wait for u to right more please right more lol sorry just thought of something funny i am slow like that any way please right more this is a cool story i love it alot and good for u getting an A wha i would have failed any test with out standing colours i would have gotten an A in failing to get an A love the story please keep writing
3/25/2009 c14 dimorphic
Interesting c: can't wait to see what happens
3/11/2009 c14 15Lady Elrayen
OMG! I honestly thought I had reviewed, but I decided to check none the less, and saw that I hadn't! - sorry mellon-nin!

So, here is your review lol. I'm really worried for my Leggy! He's not going to go off and do anything stupid... is he? Please don't hurt him! (well, Leggy angst is always welcomed lol) - but you know what I mean! Aragorn, tutut with the attitude, but I am guessing that he is just abit worried lol. I wonder what the men are planning though... are they oing to kill the leader or our elf and ranger? Oh yh, just had a sudden thought... is the entwife a fraud, and is it all a plan concoted by someone mean peeps to kill Legolas? Random thought that lol. Anywho, great chappie as always - I liked the bit where Aragorn said Legolas was acting like a tweenager! lol

Hannon-le pour les chapter! :)

Elrayen Greenleaf xx
3/8/2009 c14 12PeppyPower
I am intrigued. No, honestly, I really am. Please don't take to long with the next update. I hate cliffies. Needless to say that I totally love this fic. I am sorry my illness keeps me away from reviewing more often. But, by all means, continue the good work!
2/24/2009 c14 Lady Ambreanna
The chapter was very good! Your getting an A is GREAT! Congrats! Bravo! Much applause!
2/20/2009 c14 2iccle fairy
oh good chapter!
2/20/2009 c14 buttonbit
Great chapter! I feel bad for Aragorn AND Legolas. I wish I could just make up my mind. In fact, I don't. I love them both!

:D Update asap
2/19/2009 c14 14BellaBiohazard
Oh wow! That left me wanting to know more! I bet Aragorn's regretting that now!
1/16/2009 c13 15Lady Elrayen
Heya :) sorry I have only just reviewed! Exams are over this time next week thank the Valar! Hope you had a good christmas :) that funnel web spider incident sounds a bit scary...!

OMG! Legolas! He's grieving? Is that over the friendship incident with Aragorn? My poor elf... That was a bit of a shock chapter ending!

Again, a well written chapter - my guess was correct about the Lady of the Wood! go me! lol.

I hope you're exchange trip goes well :) will you still be OK for beta-ing?

oww, I've been sat at the computer for 20minutes too long as I've hurt my back (it's been two weeks and no change! gr! lol)

Anywho, I'll email you after Thursday :)

Hannon-le for the chapter :)

Elrayen Greenleaf xx
1/10/2009 c13 2iccle fairy
interesting story so far. always wandered what happened to the entwifes!
1/9/2009 c13 1invisigoth3
They are back together again, but still all is not well! I do not trust the strange men, I expect this will bring them more trouble?

Having fun on your trip.
1/9/2009 c13 buttonbit
Ooh... Legolas is gonna die?

That's not nice. Anyway, update soon!

1/8/2009 c13 32Peregrin Ionad

Nice chapter!

say your a/n - I'm out of the country in feb =) was just about to pm you to tell you!

1/8/2009 c13 Lady Ambreanna
Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the chapter! I look forward to more! I'm glad you didn't get bitten!
12/19/2008 c3 7Galinda-girl
Okay my prediction for this story is (are you ready for this?) the trees, are what are betraying them b/c they have no reason to distrust nature. That song Legolas heard may have some type of hypnotic powers for lack of a better word.

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