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for Wish Upon A Star

4/22/2002 c2 Rory
How sad! Yet, fluffy in an odd way at the same time. I can't wait for you to do another chapter! I really like when George reads Percy's diary. You make it work so well.
2/5/2002 c2 5Romie
Noooo! Where's the next chapter! ::laughs:: I misread and there were five reviews and I thought "aha! five marvelous chapters" and so I didn't pace myself properly, and now I am yearning - positively *yearning* for more. And obviously I'll sponsor you for the rpg if you still need a sponsor. And if not, well, I *am* one of the four people who votes on these things. ;)
12/5/2001 c2 65Demeter1
I love Percy; he's one of my favorite characters next to Severus, Remus and Draco. And you have been portrayed really well here. It's like that movie isn't it? The one on where the two sisters switch bodies? I really like this fic! Continue!
11/21/2001 c2 37DangerMouse
Very interesting so far - a very creative way of getting some sense knocked into the twins. This is certainly not your average Percy fic! And he likes Oliver! Works for me! ^_^ I can't wait to read more.
11/17/2001 c2 andicarmen
I thought your story was very good. I loved seeing Percy's thoughts in the journal and I could really see the twins doing something like messing with Percy's broom. Poor percy :( Anyway please continue soon!
11/14/2001 c2 9queenie
I honestly don't know what I was expecting from this fic, but it was not what I got.. and I am delightfully happy about that.. I was afraid it was going to be some really strange Harry and Snape fic.. but this is really wonderful and I can't wait until you write more about this.. it is really sad, and I found myself almost in tears... so.. keep up the great work on this fic.. More soon please.. *wink*
11/12/2001 c2 29Kimagure
If you don't finish this, I'm coming after you with a sharp pointy stick. We won't go into the fact that I don't even know you, but all the same...That was so incredibly **GOOD**! You *can't* leave it there! God, just seeing Percy's thoughts in his journal and George reading through it...And I can so see Percy wishing that he could trade places with one of the twins...Awesome, awesome fic! *pokes at Pyro* And I wanna see the next chapter! *puppy eyes*

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