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8/4/2009 c4 jananesane
Thats funny, I thought of it like the fight club one to. I wonder where she is, write more
4/10/2009 c2 21jokergirl4ever
this is a wonderful story . bravo
12/21/2008 c4 15Halikidito
You are simply amazing with words. You do what I cannot achieve on this website, which is write a story combining both detail and speech. When it comes to action I'm a good writer, but speaking is a little hard for me.

This story is amazing. It's reminding me of Diderot's essays. I know this is a story, but it seems more like a philosophical essay towards a fictional character who Jolene relates to.

I agree with your philosophy on humans and animals. This world is shit. Our intelligence was a good skill to develop, but it weakens our minds in a sense that we cannot fully do what we desire.

Our intelligence tells us that killing is wrong, and that other people have gone to jail for murdere, so we avoid the bad and absorb the good.

I believe there is a book about such "atrocities" where this man hunts people on his island and mounts them for sport.

When a person dies those people who adore that person cannot speak because of the tears flowing from their eyes. Emotions an Emotions and intelligence separate us from animals. Animals feel pain and sadness, but not on the same level as humans. If an female tiger loses a baby she may feel angry, sad, and horrible; but, she wouldn't care as much as humans do when they lose a child. A mother's attachment to that child is far greater than a tiger's attatchment to her baby. Just imagine this sight: a mother having her child then eating the baby (like a hampster after it gives birth). We simply deem those people as criminally insane. It's ridiculous.

Emotions are good to have. I like emotions. I deal with emotions. Because I like feeling good and getting what I fucking want. If I don't get what I want, I'm pissed, but I fucking deal with it - sometimes. Sometimes I bitch like a two-year-old child and physically tell everyone around me to fuck off. Am I not the greatest person ever!

I started writing this damn story "I Exist" hoping to capture the Joker and open his mind a little. I did the opposite. Then, my story quickly turned in to a self-serving piece of shit that made me want to puke my brains out. Self-serving because I only wanted to write it to fufill my fantasy. So like a thirteen-year-old girl - and I'm twenty! God. I went to spencer's yesterday at the damn mall and they asked me how old I was. I fucking hate spencer's now. Gave her this "fuck you" look and walked out of that damn store. Who care's anyway. It's filled with bullshit anyway - just a nice rack of sex toys that don't matter!

Well...I've been babbling. But, I like babbling. How else are you gonna speak your mind? To fully speak your mind you've got to talk freely about EVERYTHING! Babble, babble...babble! Oh. fucking. yeah.
12/13/2008 c4 1Arugula Pacioli
great chapter! will be waiting for more
12/13/2008 c3 Arugula Pacioli
This is really good:D
10/31/2008 c4 14Hordepally
I adore this story. The conversations between the Joker and Jolene are both genuine and intriguing. A true to character Joker and a strong, intelligent female character, you gotta love that!

I really enjoy your writing style and this story has me wanting more. Please keep it up!

10/25/2008 c4 7Kylria
please update soon
10/25/2008 c4 deleted9
Ooh, great chapter! He really does get obsessed with people, huh? And your character is someone I can clearly seem him interested in. Great choice of what the house looks likes too, I enjoy the movie 'Fight Club' lol. Anyway, can't wait to see where the next chapter is going to go! Wonderful job!
10/19/2008 c4 ryuzaki25
update! i need to know what happens so... update soon!

also later in the story the joker is'nt going to hurt her...right?
10/14/2008 c3 ryuzaki25
i really like your story so far, i really wish you would update soon!
10/6/2008 c3 deleted9
Wonderful chapter! Their minds are a lot alike, it's no wonder that he is so interested in here. Her basis for why she was living in the designated bad part of town made a lot of sense to me as did the right way to take out human society. Or well, to cause chaos in said society. Crazy and psychotic and wrong, but it does make sense. It's amazing how many crazy people are like that.
9/30/2008 c3 555LordBacon666
Oh I like you, you're good... :D

Jolene is like a less psychotic, less paranoid and smarter Johnny the Homicidal Maniac- with a dash of Joker thrown in!

Do continue, I need stories like this to entertain my chaotic mind constantly.
9/28/2008 c3 111LA Knight
oh, come on! update! jeez!

i love how you portray the Joker. And this Jolene. I love that name, Jolene.
9/28/2008 c3 xcitric
9/27/2008 c2 LA Knight


I don't even know this lady's NAME!
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