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9/20/2008 c7 hookedonfanfics
I jumped on here first thing this morning, hoping for a chapter 7. :o)

I love the "not so finest Sludge!" ha-ha. And Ikey kills me.

Pizza girl is so Pizza girl. You have to love her. :o)

Thanks again Dreamer!
9/19/2008 c6 hookedonfanfics
OMG OMG OMG that was the BEST chapter ever!

You have our big teady bear Owen down perfect. How do you make it so I feel like I'm hearing him actually talk. And the whole conversation with he and Eddie - perfection! I could see it all so clearly. Right down to the fish teasing Owens line.

Each chapter just get's better and better Dreamer.

I absolutely loved that Janet got to tell Eddie the whole story. AWESOME! I feel more relieved than Janet. LOL

Great ending to this chapter too. My heart melted while reading Eddie's message in Janet's journal. How sweet is he?

Can't wait for more!

Thanks so much for writing!
9/17/2008 c4 xjojox25
I absolutely love your take after the finale! Keep this going!
9/17/2008 c1 MaJane
Really good story,I can't wait for more !
9/16/2008 c6 creativequeen
I am enjoying this story so much! Loved how Eddie confided in Big O. Can't wait for more!
9/16/2008 c6 7greengal1996
great chapter dreamer. loved the convo between o ro and eddie!
9/16/2008 c6 kooperscoop
Oh Dreamer! I wish I had a way with words so I could tell you how this chapter made my heart feel! I'm with Janet, feeling hope again. What an amazing job you're doing with this story. Wow!
9/16/2008 c6 1DianaoftheCrossways
Way to go, this is great! I LOVE the memories of Janet and Eddie, and I love the note he wrote to her. Great plot on Ikey, too. I've really been enjoying this, keep going!
9/15/2008 c6 golden4pointer
This is a great seems so real! I loved the note eddie had wrote to janet in her journal...WAY better than the simple I love you that I thought it was when I first heard of his note!
9/14/2008 c5 6Emmk
Dreamer, this is entirely too good! What did Eddie write? I'm dyin' here. :)

I'm loving what you have going on here. Love that Ikey is going under cover for the gang (and I grinned at 'The Departed' reference, as it's one of my favorite movies).

Can't wait to see where you go from here. Keep up the great work! :)

9/11/2008 c5 kooperscoop
I am loving this story! I want to know what Eddie wrote in her journal. Ikey undercover, so good. I hope it doesn't take long for the truth to come out. Keep up the great work Dreamer!
9/11/2008 c4 hookedonfanfics
Oh, so glad Janet talked to Hannah about this whole thing. Funny how I feel so much better that she had someone to confide in. She needed to let it out. Let someone be there for her! :o)

Great chapter!
9/11/2008 c3 hookedonfanfics
Awe, You just gotta love our big Owen! And Nicky, Ikey and especially and Phil. I have this whole scene invisioned perfectly in my mind. It is exactly how it would have all gone down if the actual writers had given is what happened next.

Thanks Dreamer, you're the best!
9/11/2008 c5 hookedonfanfics
OMG I loved this chapter. You have Phil down to a T.

And the whole getting back at Big Cat idea. PERFECT!

Now to my favorite, our Jeddie! I loved the flash back. Sweet! It's totally like I was watching a new episode Dreamer.

9/11/2008 c5 7greengal1996
well that peaked my curiosity, what did he write in her journal? Do tell! Great job Dreamer, nice to see you back.
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