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6/6/2009 c30 1CarmenGMT
Muy bueno, sigue por favor, necesito más.

Un saludo
6/5/2009 c30 creativequeen
Great chapter. Please don't leave us hanging too long. Can't wait to see what happens next.
6/3/2009 c29 kcope
Love the new chapters. So glad you're back. Missed the Journal. Don't stay away so long next time.
6/1/2009 c29 2Huds2n
I absolutely love these chapters. I love Eddie's eulogy of his can just feel his internal conflict. I am so looking forward to reading about when Janet shares her news. Thanks for continuing this story...I love it!
5/31/2009 c29 13jax2u
super god! love the updates dreamer!
5/31/2009 c29 6Emmk
YAY! Dreamer, you made my day. What a fantastic chapter. This story is so good and just when I think it can't get better, you write another chapter. :) I loved that Eddie got through to Ryan and I cannot wait for Janet to tell him the big news...He's gonna flip! :)

And you've managed to give us what we were all craving from the whole Sam/babby-daddy story-line...the truth! I love that your Hannah came clean with everyone.

Can't watit to see what you have in store for us next. Great job, my friend!

5/31/2009 c29 kooperscoop
Another fabulous chapter! I'm so happy they were able to get thru to Ryan. Can't wait to see him all fixed up and I can't wait for Eddie to get back to the Ridge (and to Janet, of course). How perfect was it that Hannah met Nick at Caroline's grave. I could see it all so vividly. Perfect Dreamer, just perfect!
5/31/2009 c29 hookedonfanfics
Wow! Perfect! Just perfect all the way around.

I love the whole Ryan Eddie relationship. So real! I'm glad Ryan saw the light, so to speak. And I think it will be very interesting seeing him in the Ridge after re-hab.

Poor Hannah, what a day! :o} Although I'm loving the guys reactions. Again, perfect reaction from Nick. And I love that they were at his mom's grave.

It's all so clear to me when I read your writing. It's like I'm there, at the ridge. Or at least watching it all unfold on a Monday night in front of the TV. :o)

And of course, I'm loving out Jeddie being in love too. :o) :o)

Thanks for another awesome chapter to go with my Sludge this morning Dreamer!
5/30/2009 c29 SavySB823
So climactic! I can't wait to read what happens next.
5/30/2009 c29 MaJane
Ah,another great chapter,Dreamer.Love your story :)
5/30/2009 c29 1CarmenGMT
Me gusta, sigue escribiendo.

5/30/2009 c29 golden4pointer
Hopefully ryan actually is able to recover. I am ready for some more janet and eddie...and baby talk that could be interesting! looking forward to more!
5/29/2009 c28 CarmenGMT
Me gusta tu historia, sigue con ella por favor quiero saber más.

5/28/2009 c28 creativequeen
YEAH! A new chapter! Really enjoying this story and I can hardly wait for more. Thanks so much for writing it!
5/27/2009 c28 6Emmk
Wow, Dreamer, that was a fantastic chapter. Eddie's "eulogy" was very moving abd pulled no punches. And Phil as a potential Baby-Daddy candidate is fantastic. :)

Excellent chapter, my friend!

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