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5/27/2009 c28 SavySB823
Chapter 28 finally arrives! It was so good, especially the part about Phil behaving so compassionately to Hannah. Thank you!
5/27/2009 c28 golden4pointer
once I saw your new chapter I had to go back and reread this story! It is great, I am excited you are updating again. I hope ryan straightens up and I am excited for all things janet and eddie!
5/27/2009 c28 kooperscoop
Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't Christmas or my Birthday. What a great surprise to see this new chapter up. It was ever so good and so well worth the wait! Such powerful words Eddie had for Ryan, so well done Dreamer. Loved the Hannah/Phil part've really made my day :o)
5/27/2009 c28 MaJane
Yay,one of my favorite stories is back :)

Great chapter,can't wait for Eddie's reaction.THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU !
5/27/2009 c28 hookedonfanfics

That was the best surprise EVER Dreamer!

What an awesome chapter. I about cried reading Eddie telling Ryan's eulogy. :o( What a great message to his big bro. Poor Eddie he really needed Janet for a hug right about then. (love how you put in a little tid bit of Eddie thinking about her :o)

And the whole Hannah and Phil... loved it. I could totally see Phil reacting that way. Made me smile!

Your writing is so... OCTOBER ROAD! :o) :o) :o)

Honestly seeing this chapter pop up was about as exciting as seeing my season 2 DVD show up.

Thanks so much for continuing this story Dreamer. You're the best! :o)
5/27/2009 c28 kcope
So glad you're back. great chapter. Can't wait to read more.
5/26/2009 c27 SavySB823
What? Oh, come on! With a story as good as this one, please don't end it here - with a cliffie like that! Especially since Hannah is finally telling the truth to Sam, which, personally, I always wished the show would have gotten around to sooner. But I digress.
5/15/2009 c27 6Emmk
Little Jeddie offspring...(Pizza Girl) YAY!

Great chapter, Dreamer. Can't wait to see how you have it all play out. Lots of stuff going on here, and I love it all!

Great job!

5/15/2009 c26 Emmk
Another excellent chapter, Dreamer! I loved Eddie and Jillian's interaction. It's so great picturing him with his family! And I think it's wonderful that Hannah has come clean with Sam.

Great job. I continue to be amazed at the terrific story you are weaving here. :)

5/15/2009 c25 Emmk
Just finished Ch. 25! Great chapter, Dreamer. I really love how you're sewing the Latekka family quilt together. :)

Loved the conversation between Sam and Janet...that Sam is just too smart for his own good. ;)

Great writing, Dreamer. I'm off to read more! :)

5/4/2009 c27 1CarmenGMT
Me encanta como escribes esta historia. Creo que refleja muy bien a los personajes. Sigue con ella por favor, estoy enganchadísima por saber más.

Quiero más de la historia!
3/1/2009 c27 kooperscoop
Finally sat down and caught up (chapters 25-27), still kicking myself for getting so behind! Don't know how I let it happen, this story is such a jewel! I feared the worst when Eddie went to Ryan's, thank you for letting him live! I can't wait to see what happens next there. Interesting possiblity with Big Cat seeings how Sam and Janet would be related now too. When can we find out the results? :o) You have to know that I'm over the moon about Janet's news, can't wait to see how Eddie reacts. Keep up the great work Dreamer!
2/27/2009 c27 stella2217
Wonderful story! I recently heard about this show and love how you have continued the characters! Please keep the story going!
2/27/2009 c27 2Huds2n
I love this story in particular eddie's family and the dynamics...can't wait until Janet is a part of it - which sounds like it will be soon! Please keep writing - I do love these stories...I miss the show still so much!
2/26/2009 c27 6maroonflower
I'm so happy to see an update and such a good one. I can't wait to see Jaent tell Eddie the news, o I hope Hannah and Ryan don't get in the way of that!
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