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2/26/2009 c27 hookedonfanfics
What a totaly AWESOME surprise this morning. Finding another chapter of the Journal this morning, one just knows that this is going to be a GREAT day!

I LOVED this chapter Dreamer.

Big Cat, was Big Cat for sure. Wow, I wasn't thinking he would be a possible canidate for Sam's dad...but it totally would make sense!

And Eddie finding Ryan...I was so nervous he would be found dead. Fewy! I love that whole story line. (BTW, I smiled when i read the name 'Jillian'. You didn't know about that name when you first wrote her into the story, did you? :o))

NOW, onto our Jeddie. You floored me with that one! BUT, O, I'm so excited for Janet!How will Eddie react to this news? :o) And I happen to love that his grandmother won! Ha-ha. What a great story Dreamer. I keep thinking it can't possibly get any better...then it does!Hope you write more soon! :o)

2/26/2009 c27 Norey
Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work.
2/26/2009 c27 MaJane
Thanks Dreamer,I was worried that someone else than Janet would be pregnant,lol.Great chapter,I hope Sam will be happy after finally finding out who's his father.Can't wait for more:)
2/25/2009 c27 golden4pointer
i am glad you updated. I loved it! A baby now that is exciting!
1/22/2009 c26 MaJane
Absolutely loved it,as always Dreamer.October Road story continues for me thanks to you. I like Jillian a lot,I'm just little worried there's more to that $30 bet.Thanks for another grat chapter:)
1/21/2009 c26 hookedonfanfics
Clap clap clap... another great chapter. Giving us a ton of insight into our Eddie's past. I love Jillian! I'm so glad you brought her into life on the Ridge.

And Sam and Hannah... well, she's got some 'testing and explainin' to do. :o()

Again, I love how you write as if our beloved characters were talking on an actual episode. You're the best Dreamer!

Write on!
1/19/2009 c25 2Huds2n
I absolutely love this story - his family is amazing and obviously loves Janet - as well they should...I can't wait to read more...hopefully they can save Ryan from himself...
1/16/2009 c25 golden4pointer
another great chapter! i love eddie's family and the bantering between them! I cant wait to hear more of them. I wonder what his family is going to say to eddie about him and janet...?
1/16/2009 c25 hookedonfanfics
What? "You hope this story reads like you're watching OR on tv?" Are you serious? If (or when) our show comes back, I will be so confused. Was it actually part of the show, or was it what I may have read of your stories. You capture our friends from the Ridge perfectly! Like no other! I still think you may have been one of the actual writers. You're just not letting on. :o)

AGAIN, I loved this chapter. The interaction between Eddie and Janet, Eddie and his family, Sam... etc. etc. I can see it all so clearly. And O, could Eddie really have a little Latekka already? Did his grandmother win a bet? WHO is Sam's father?

AWESOME chapter Dreamer! Thanks!
1/16/2009 c25 5erdc1963
yea- thank you for a great way to end the week. I nothing morning just got better in my house and in the Ridge. keep the chapters coming!
1/5/2009 c24 13jax2u
OMG i missed this story! i finally just got the chance to catch up and read 8 chs, but its better then i remember! love how you brought all of eddies family/past into it too. always interesting when the fam comes to town lol
1/3/2009 c24 kooperscoop
Bravo! Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I log on to find a new (brilliant) chapter of The Journal. I love Jillian already, great chemistry between her and Janet. Can't wait to see how things work out with Ikey. So well done Dreamer, keep it coming!
1/1/2009 c24 6Emmk
Yup...perma-grin still firmly in place. :)

Again, loved this chapter. Jillian sounds terrific and I can just picture her and Janet becoming fast friends. You are very talented, Dreamer. You make these characters so accessible. I feel like I've known Jillian forever already, and we've only just met her.

Great job. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.

1/1/2009 c23 Emmk
OMG! Branches just keep popping up on the Latekka family tree! Excellent chapter, Dreamer. Where are you coming up with all these great storylines?

I can't wait to read the next chapter. Seriously, I've gotta go :)

1/1/2009 c22 Emmk
Dreamer, I smiled like an idiot through this entire chapter. Excellent! I love that Eddie's Mom saw their chemistry early on and I can't wait for them to meet her "officially" as Eddie's girlfriend.

And has Ikey found love? :) Who is the mysterious girl that looks familiar to him? Can't wait to find out.

Great job, girlie!

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