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8/4 c2 1NC1234567
You also disregard Beatrix’s war crimes. Beatrix was a horribly written character.
8/4 c1 NC1234567
Read your fic a while ago, it’s nice.

But there are some problems, the biggest problem is following the actual canon of the game, which, to be honest, is poorly written. IX is one of the weaker entries in Final Fantasy. I made an entire review fic called “Everything Wrong With Final Fantasy IX” that takes the official script of IX and I comment through it, picking apart things, pointing out plot holes, inconsistencies and bad writing, especially Zidane’s and Garnet’s love story, which was NOT well done and was lacklustre. Please, check it out.

You don’t have to follow canon, especially when in Canon, Garnet DRUGS AND ABANDONS ZIDANE in Disk 1 Lindblum, ruining the love story, making the whole beginning of the game and “kidnapping” her to get her to Lindblum, COMPLETELY POINTLESS, not to mention the chain reaction of all the destruction that is caused as a result, a lot of the bad stuff that happens such as with Cleyra and Lindblum is Garnet’s fault, due to running back home like an idiot and pretty much handing her Eidolons over to her crazy mother on a silver platter, and to make matters worse, NEVER getting called out for any of this, especially by Zidane, who should very rightfully be upset with Garnet for blowing him off after everything that he did for her. I noticed that your fic skipped over the first disk and a significant portion of the second disk that had all that, and not really having any references or attention called to it, you could have really taken a jab at one of the worst moments in IX, if not the series. Garnet WANTED to run away from home and escape from her crazy mother and Zidane swept her off her feet to help her and show her the world, only for her to pull a one-eighty flip and run back home to the danger that she wanted to escape from for no good reason.

Another problem with following the canon is that the actual Zidane and Garnet depicted in IX were really bland and cliché characters, Zidane in the game doesn’t act like a real teenage boy (aside from the hormones around Garnet anyways) he mostly just says clichéd and corny lines that you would see from a typical Shounen, most of the time it's "character suggests that they go to 'X' and then Zidane goes, 'That's a great idea.'" He doesn't feel like the leader of the gang, just a tag-along. Zidane's schtick which is repeatedly emphasized by almost all dialogues with Amarant, is "do different garbage without thinking about anything, and everything will work out perfectly fine for you." The worst thing about this is what Amarant (and the game itself) concludes: Zidane is so cool and invincible BECAUSE HE DOESN'T EVEN THINK. Wow, right? He also never gets rightfully upset with Garnet, he comes off as a simp.

And there is Garnet, she is really bland and boring, aside from being mopey and serious all the time, she spends most of the game whining about her insane mother, it overwhelms the game and gets in the way of Zidane’s and Garnet’s love story that the game tries to act like is such a big deal and focus. This is one of the problems with Dagger and part of what's wrong with the love story, she is so wishy-washy, in the first disk, after Alexandria and the Evil Forest, she suddenly gets flanderized into a really cliché naïve princess stereotype, whose naïvety was so implausible and overdone that it reached unsympathetically foolish levels (which I have already addressed in rigorous detail in the review fic), and now, in Disk 2 she's morphed into some sort of annoying Tsundere who spends most of her time huffing indignantly at Zidane despite that he and their friends risked a lot to save her from Brahne and Kuja (in which her getting into that situation in the first place was her own darn fault) and is working on getting her where she needs to go, and we haven't even gotten to how she acts on Disk 3 yet…

Which brings me to you actually deciding to put the mute segment from the game in this fic, to sum up that scene, here is a quote from my review fic of that segment: “This is what I've been talking about before when I said that all that melodrama between Zidane and Garnet for the last few chapters when we were going through the coronation and that FMV of Zidane swinging with Garnet on a rope along with Eiko would have been rendered even more pointless. All that build up and it all gets forgotten and swept aside for this dumb and wangsty "Garnet goes mute" subplot that Zidane isn't even instrumental in undoing. The whole thing just arbitrarily fixes itself later. It's just another roadblock that gets in the way of the love story. Just like Garnet drugging and abandoning Zidane before. Not to mention how this affects gameplay in battle during this point by having a halfway chance for Dagger to not perform an action.

I also hate how Zidane doesn't seem that shaken up by all this, he made a promise back in Dali about how he would protect Garnet, yet no matter what he did he couldn't prevent all this stuff from happening to her. (Not that that was completely his fault) He should be the one feeling distraught. Seriously, if Garnet has way too much angst, then Zidane has way too little angst, the most we get from Zidane is really forced moments like when Garnet was being coronated a few chapters ago, and the "You are not Alone" scene later ahead (will be tearing that train wreck apart), which is part of why their chemistry sucks so much.”

The parts of your fic seem to also imitate that. In chapter 9 you have Zidane go through the drama of Garnet returning to Alexandria to be coronated, the next chapter, 10, you show Garnet going through the drama of not wanting to be away from Zidane and not wanting to not think about him (also, WHY DOESN’T SHE JUST INVITE ZIDANE TO THE CASTLE?! Everything about the start of Disk 3 between Zidane and Garnet was such forced drama, which I address heavily in my fic), but then in chapter 11 you do the mute scene from the game and Garnet forgets everything she thought about the chapter before about Zidane, and the next few chapters Zidane also forget about all of that (forced) drama, making those previous chapters pointless. Also the scene where Steiner punches Zidane was a shock, but it ultimately doesn’t really go anywhere since Steiner doesn’t really play any significant role after that chapter. That mute subplot was just more contrived drama that just made things more incoherent and unfocused.

I mean no offence, it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of the game that was pretty mediocre and overrated. It would be better if your fic just disregarded canon and had way more charm and wholesomeness with Zidane and Garnet, unlike the game’s poor attempts.

Which is the fundamental problem with FFIX, it knows the themes it wants to tackle and it wants to have these big emotional moments, but it goes about it so poorly to the point where it comes off as pretentious at times.
7/15/2021 c23 Jman7

I kind of disagree, if any thing this fic follows Garnet’s personality from the games TOO much (or maybe I’m misunderstanding you), what I mean is that canon wasn’t that good and it would be better for FFIX fics to IGNORE canon.
7/15/2021 c1 Anonymous
You don’t have to follow the games “details” and you don’t need to follow the games “characterization” of Zidane and Garnet because let’s be honest FFIX was really poorly written and Zidane and Garnet are poorly written characters, their love story was poorly written especially with how Rebochan describes Garnet and her stupid “return to Alexandria” actions and ABANDONING Zidane, not to mention all of Garnet’s wangst after the attack on Alexandria which you really could have just pretended never happened, it was forced drama (and people whine about Cloud and Squall and VII and VIII in general as being “emo and try-hard”), not to mention it contradicts the chapter before that where Garnet didn’t want to be away from Zidane, while Zidane is just acting all hunky dory, if anything Zidane should have been the more angstey and sad one here, it was dumb in the game and it was silly here (I mean no offence to you, I’m just giving criticisms against the game itself, IX is really overrated and has a lot of it’s glaring flaws overlooked).

Other fanfics like “Filling in the Blanks” and “The Thief and his Princess” ignore the games canon and it’s much better for it, having a much better done, deep and strong wholesome love story for Zidane and Garnet.
12/26/2020 c3 kjmtaylor.22
You know, I come back to this fic at the times I feel the most lost, and somehow it digs me out of whatever hole I'm in. So, thank you for that.
As a side note: I always forget that 16 year old me was an avid reviewer, so when I get to the bottom of this chapter and see your reply comment to .14karatgold. (i.e. 16 year old me) it cracks me up. Especially because 16 year old me clearly had feelings but lacked the suavite to express them constructively.
Anyway, thank you for everything you do. You're a true star in this fandom.
4/30/2019 c23 7Josh1013
Having repeatedly re-read many of the chapters in Brick By Brick and Foundations over the span of a few years, You have without a doubt set the bar on how Garnet's personality should be. Not just her's however, you managed to bring to life pretty much every character in a way that nothing short of spectacular. I'm no professional writer, but have written a couple of fics for FF9 of my own and often find myself wishing i had the ability to portray the characters as well as you have done. Here's hoping you Decide to write another story for ff9 in the future!
10/10/2018 c16 DarthSanguine
Pretty sure the Behemoth was on disc 4... Also, Zidane is pronounced Zih-dahn.
10/10/2018 c14 DarthSanguine
Sargatanas isn't available until you have the airship. You also accidentaly typed Lost Continent, instead of Outer Continent.
10/10/2018 c12 DarthSanguine
A ship's rudder would be at its stern, not its bow. Bow front, stern back.
9/23/2018 c15 R. Moonstalker
just sorta struck me midway through... Happy belated 10 year birthday to Brick by Brick. Hoping this message finds you in good health and green pastures. still one of my favorite stories on the site- I really need to get around to playing FF9 one of these days. have a nice day/night/whatever, if you see this message :)
5/21/2018 c23 honey
I could not even begin to count how many times I've read this since 2009. I kid you not, I reread both BBB and Foundations in their entirety (usually in a span of two days, or a single sitting if I feel like ignoring life enough) at LEAST three times a year. Thank you, truly, for your wonderful writing. I wish I would come up with a comment for each and every of your works, but I'm hoping this will suffice and that you'll see this. I was 13 when I found your profile and have been a fan ever since. It's been 9 years and I still loiter around, re-enjoying your brilliant stuff and secretly hoping that you'll return to here some day. I just thought I'd let you know that you have truly left an impression on me, and I'm sure other readers of yours will say the same. If ever you produce original works, I would be more than eager and excited to read them. Sending my love and my wishes your way! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful thoughts that have left such wonderful memories for me, as well as honouring such a wonderful game! Take care X
1/4/2016 c23 32freyjaera
Yay.. I've finally finished this.. :3 This chap is sweet.. Not that you'll see this but I was playing the game (for the 2nd time) while reading this so I haven't finished this earlier.. I was trying to complete all the sidequests.. And I still missed some. too bad.. hahah.. You're a great author.. I'll definitely read the Foundations.. :3 cause I enjoyed reading this and your other fics.. :3
1/1/2016 c19 freyjaera
hahah.. cute :3
1/1/2016 c18 freyjaera
It's random but cute.. hahah.. Should've been an extra chap of fur beneath her fingertips .. Poor Eiko.. she didn't get it.. I wonder if Vivi did.. hahah xD
12/31/2015 c16 freyjaera
What Zidane said was wow.. hahah and a jealous Garnet? It's so funny.. xD and I also prefer to say his name Zi-dayn. just not Zee-dan.. no :3
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