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for Celestial Beings Origins Book One: Tieria Erde

6/29/2013 c7 of fan and fic
Wow that was something. But was 001X? And where did the name Livonze come from? Is that Ribbons' s real name?
3/5/2010 c8 1Nocna Vatra
Loved it. ^_^
7/22/2009 c8 15Hunter K
that makes tieria how old? :-/ just curious... coz it looks like your timeline made him older than lockon XD

the story is nice. made me read through the whole story even if i really need sleep badly XD

keep it up :)

+fav +author alert ;)
4/10/2009 c8 2otakuheaven123123
a very nice story and i can see the connection betweens this fic and the anime. but one thing, in gundam 00P, 15 years prior to gundam 00, they did talk about Feldt's parents and Ian is there to witness it as well
2/4/2009 c8 17Shadow Fox777
Cool, It sounds very plausible indeed. And it sounds like I'll have to hunt for some issues of Newtype. This story is very well done, good job.
11/19/2008 c1 Hikaru
I like your story about Tieria a lot. Look forward to your stories about the other Meisters.
10/19/2008 c1 94SaoirseParisa
Holy cow! This looks epic! I'll read the rest of it later. I like Tieria-kun! He's cool in a way...
9/25/2008 c8 18Mangaka-chan
It's nice to see more of Tieria, but I think had the story ended with the previous chapter that would've been fine too. There's one slight detail that I want to bring up, and that's Tieria's glasses. According to the Gundam 00 World Report he doesn't actually need them (i.e. he has perfect vision) and only uses them to protect his eyes since they're important for linking with Veda. But that's hardly a widely known fact so the way you have it is fine. What I am a little confused by, is that it's stated that Tieria wasn't suppose to begin his training until 70 years later. But that brings up the question of why was he "born" so early in the first place? The only conceivable answer I can see is that perhaps Veda wanted him to better understand human nature, but still, 70 years seem rather excessive.

In any case, now that Tieria's back story has concluded I'm interested to see how you will interpret Lockon's, especially with season 2 beginning in little more than a week.
9/25/2008 c8 ZD87
I really enjoyed reading this story and I hope you write another soon.

I find all these characters very interesting, I havent felt that way about another anime since Gundam Wing.

9/23/2008 c7 11RickaZcurser
wow I like your story... still you made a mistake with Adele's last Speech, it's "Auf Wiesersehen" "Auf Niewiedersehen" is a nasty way of saying 'good bye I wish I never see you again' or simply 'go to hell' (in essence It mean to never see you again... but is mostly used in those situations ^^) Still I found it brilliant, for Adele to say those cocky words... it really made me cackle madly (it was so movie like)

and I feel bad for Veronique, dieing that way sure must suck.

anyway as I said before I love your story, and the way you're handling your possible theory on Tieria's past. Specially, the way you showed how mature and Naïve Tieria is at the same time. (and the pink Cardigan is a nice touch too, now we know where it came from)

I hope you continue with your story, it left me on the edge of my seat ^^
9/22/2008 c7 ZD87
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, I think I'm going to be uber addicted to this anime like I am with GW.

9/22/2008 c7 18Mangaka-chan
I had a feeling something like this would happen, but the emotional impact is still very strong. I too, felt the stirring feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read this. With this chapter I suppose Tieria's background story has ended, and I will say this again, I can honestly see the series itself go in a direction like this when it finally unveils the Meister's past. Thanking you for doing a wonderful job, pulling together not only good writing but good research, insight, and a tightly woven idea.
9/19/2008 c6 ZD87
I don't know why I didn't review after I read this yesterday, must've been on crack, kidding I don't touch that stuff. Ick.

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading this story and I do hope you update soon.

9/16/2008 c6 Mangaka-chan
I certainly didn't expect Ribbons (or however one prefers to spell his name) to be born in this fashion, much less express so much arrogance from the get-go. At this point I think he is more "advance" than Tieria, at least in terms of human ego. Now I'm curious to see how things go from this point, what Adele will do next and what will happen to Veronique.
9/14/2008 c5 Mangaka-chan
I find Tieria’s first encounter with a Haro very amusing. I can’t blame him for dropping Haro when it said Veda was its mother. In a way I think Tieria probably felt insulted that he was “related” to this silly little robot in any sort of way, even more so when it tried to peep into his head. We also see some character development from Tieria in this chapter, and I like how we have an explanation for his earnest but anal self, namely it’s hereditary. XD And you know I really wouldn’t be surprised if Tieria’s true background turned out something like this. Your idea is very well thought out, and you considered many aspects of the show and threaded them together in a coherent and interesting manner. For that I applaud you.

I wouldn’t worry too much about being very detailed about the development of the GN drives. I think Sunrise is keeping thing purposely vague in order to use it as a plot development of some sort, that or else they haven’t gotten it all thought out either. Trying to do too many things at once in a story can pull the plot in too many directions. So far you are doing well with a character/personality driven plot. To sway the focus heavily towards technology might not work to the story’s advantage.

Now, I must admit, the more I read the more I’m tempted to draw some illustrations of scenes from this story. And though I don’t always follow through (I can get horribly distracted by school and life in general), I believe I should ask first, just in case I do someday. If you’re wondering about my credentials, I’m no professional illustrator, but you can get a sense of what my work is like by clicking on the Deviantart link at the bottom of my author’s profile page.
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