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for The Red Butterfly

7/8 c1 Guest
Such a wonderful story I love it and love SasuSaku.
6/19/2022 c1 Guest
Awww such a beautiful story Sasusaku for the win.
12/5/2021 c1 robbinskennedy1
WHAT? this is actually so good, tysm for posting!
9/4/2021 c1 Cherry Blossom
We need the 2nd part pleaseee
1/20/2021 c1 Sousushi
Pls write further, it was really really good. I love your story.
7/20/2020 c1 LazyAssIsMe
You said it's gonna be TWO SHOTS
So tell me now, where is another SHOTS?
8/12/2019 c1 Guest
aw man 11 years after it was first published and i find myself wanting more. save a few grammatical and spelling errors, this fic is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i really love it and wish you would update!
2/4/2019 c1 daisuke
update please!
1/27/2019 c1 Guest
Its 2019 and w are still for the next chapter..hoping that you would update soon
12/21/2017 c1 1littlexwillow
i know it's been years, but i really hope the second part of this is uploaded soon! i am very interested in seeing how this plays out! lovely and a very original plotline!
6/5/2017 c1 Mariana78
I love this. Can you please update the second chapter?
4/20/2017 c1 Cherry
I love your story *-*
When will you update the 2 chapter? I'm so excited
12/5/2016 c1 Riani Cassiopeia
more pleaasssee...
11/28/2016 c1 10ILoveSxS
Wheres part 2? I want moar?!
11/2/2016 c1 Guest
Pls update the story :( Or you could at least just share to us an outline of how the story would unfold in the last chapter :(( Kinda sad to be left hanging yknow
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