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1/2/2009 c1 Sarah.x
omg..that was sad..i cried..and i still am..its hard to type..lmao..i loved it write more..

Sarah xoxox
9/27/2008 c1 22MariaBernal
dude, i can't breath! that was so good!
9/12/2008 c1 fdjfhdsgjldsfbgjfgnfdl
that was so sad! i feel like crying! but it was a good story
9/9/2008 c1 16jessandthedragon
ouch. the ends kinda scary (? xD) but its rlly effective! gr8 riting =]
9/9/2008 c1 35SimplyCuteBambi This one-shot was so depressing bittersweet but depressing nonetheless I can't believe Shane would cheat on her like that and Poor Mitchie the pain unbearable i like how you described it nicely written

xoxPeace out
9/8/2008 c1 12Athenian Grace
really good story

i loved the angst
9/8/2008 c1 1letthetearsfallamongtheroses
I think you did an all right job.Not your best but not horrible. I think it actually would have been better if it was longer and showed more of her thought process and maybe her writing the song.
9/8/2008 c1 11chaosinthecosmos

This was pretty interesting.

I loved it.
9/8/2008 c1 107Shizuku Tsukishima749
Whoa... Harsh, man. REALLY harsh...

Poor Mitchie, everything crashing down until it all exploded! Then, with the note...gosh, she really wanted revenge, didn't he?

Brilliant job, thoigh dark! Keep up the awesome work! ^U^ *U*

Shizuku Tsukishima749 :D ;D :) ;)

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