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3/12/2009 c2 zack
Okay, this story is awesome, possibly, no probably the best I've ever come across in the heroes universe and topping some of my all time favs of anything rather quickly. I'm torn though, I've never been a Claire/peter fan, mostly just Claire/sylar, but you have me dying for this one. I love your portrayal of Sylar as well, not to mention this badass Claire, more futuristic. . I cannot wait for more of this delicious story. . Please don't take too long with the next chapter. I'm dying to see where this goes. It's been a hellavu ride so far.oh god!i really love the claire&sylar apart.

amazing, keep going!i think your should make this story a Claire/Sylar i would love the story more I like the hints of Sylaire.I loved the Claire/Sylar sceneI'm pro sylar/claire. I think you should keep it going in that direction :) there's something really hot about Sylaire.
10/13/2008 c2 11Seraphina Moon
I loved that ending line, so funny. Are you ever going to update?
9/19/2008 c2 Elliesmeow
I like this so far. I hope you'll continue this.


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