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for Sugar Coated Accident

11/18/2008 c2 33tempestquill
So where is the rest of this little gem of a story? I want more! It's shaping up to be a fairly fun read. So hop to it girly and give us an update!

11/12/2008 c2 16smithsbabe65
I just read the first two chapters - wow, this was awesome. That can't be it though, right? You will update this, I hope?

Please do...I love the the whole premise: Vegas, a drunken wedding and the little clues that keep popping out of nowhere!

Very cute story, and it makes me think of that Carrie Underwood song, I think it's called "I Don't Even Know My Last Name".

Please, please update soon!
10/15/2008 c2 4LouLouBear1213
Love it. Please update soon.
10/15/2008 c2 iceunderthestars
Love it! Despite the farfetched idea (but c'mon, that's what fanfiction's for ;D), Sylar and Claire seem very in character. Update soon! :)
10/6/2008 c2 10Emma Stargaze
But the mystery guy knows you, or at least where you live.”

“Maddie, that only makes it that much more creepy.”

LOL, that was funny. Can't wait to see what happens next!
10/5/2008 c2 9Kit Thespian
Hilarious! Kinda creepy, but how else can you expect Sylaire to turn out? You have to keep on writing this.

Best lines:

"He briefly flirted with the idea of punishing her for trying to take away what fate had given him, but then nixed that idea. Somehow he didn’t think her family’s bloody corpses would win him too many brownie points (damn that meant he was going to have to play nice with Petrelli, didn’t it)."
10/3/2008 c2 1TildaTheLostGirl

update soon!
9/29/2008 c2 unknown
this is hilarious! Are you continuing this?
9/24/2008 c2 6lily1121
Please update soon
9/23/2008 c2 PsychoPoptart
I like were this is going! Can't wait for an update!

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