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4/6 c10 6Spielar
Everyone commenting about how the author needs more colored people and how he is a white fat guy. What sort of stupid racist crap are these people saying? They are acting like there is no white people in their countries and that nobody could possibly understand their culture unless they were the same race as them. I say the author did alright with his story and that includes the race parts of the story. This is fiction and if the author wants to make every Asian be a wannabe ninja samurai or a perverted martial artist with daddy issues while every black person is an afro having gang banger rapper then it is his choice to do so. I'll just sit back and laugh the whole story through.
4/4 c10 Bediver3
Excelente historia, no me prepare para el hecho de que tommy usara a una veela como recipiente y de paso acabara el final de esa manera *guiño, guiño*.
una historia que no puede calificarse cuantitativamente debido a que es cualitativa. Chulada de historia, besos y agradecimientos mas profundos al autor.
3/17 c10 Molenir
Lots and lots of fun. Thanks for writing and sharing this.
3/14 c10 Reeshma Premji
oh wow!
The way I devoured this story!
Thank you!
3/12 c6 Alwin-nl
Hahaha, I suddenly realised what the French was.. Fleur insulting voldie! Even though I have no knowledge about the crossover it’s one of the more hilarious fics I’ve read, and I hope to see Fleur reappear. Still kinda sad about Ginny, and slightly weirded out about the single appearance of Ron (calling Hermione a mudblood) before disappearing forever, lol.
3/12 c3 Alwin-nl
Poor Ginny, getting killed off at eleven…
3/2 c1 43BeepKeeper
Another author has loaded several of your stories under their name.
1/27 c1 Alwin-nl
Stopped reading when you killed off Ginny.

Also, Harry turned 12 on July 31st of 1992, so he’s still eleven.
1/20 c10 embracethebright
Funny. I'm glad this didn't drag on like other crackfic haram.
1/20 c2 embracethebright
Hufflepuff! I love it. As a Hufflepuff adult, I get it. The hats options are so valid.
1/1 c10 Giallorosso
Lmao! This was fun.
12/7/2023 c10 JOHN0713
I know this was written a few years back but this story was excellent.
11/11/2023 c10 Hazard 157
LOL... I love 'The Patty Duke Show' reference. Great story.
10/21/2023 c2 fundoogal
hello. I don't have any clue about which crossover is used here with HP, but so far I am loving the story.
9/9/2023 c2 Guest
Dak Galbi
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